Outdoor Entertainment Centers

Designers and builders, we have some exciting news to share! As the exterior kitchen industry continues to grow, the need for complementary products is a natural progression. In light of this, our team has recently introduced a new line of entertainment centers for the outdoors, allowing for the creation of an all-encompassing exterior room exemplifying color, style and design. The entertainment center will now give our design-build partners ability to create backyard havens that embody form, function and fun for clients.

The entertainment center features a retractable television, which is perfect for homeowners that want to combine their love for the outdoors with the ability to catch the latest episode of Scandal on DVR or live sporting event. Having a T.V. outdoors will also keep kids entertained while the adults are wining and dining.

The new Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens entertainment center also provides multi-use storage space, which can be used to house DVDs, accompanying wireless headphones for the T.V., remote controls, and much more. The unit will be available in a variety of door styles and powder coat finishes, including the new “Drift” wood grain finish. It will also be offered in the Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens brand.

The development of the entertainment center went from concept to creation based on several requests from our dealer and designer partners. Since its initial debut early this year, we have received an immense amount of positive feedback.

Designers and builders, if you are interested in receiving more information about this new product, please visit our “Trade” and / or “Hospitality” professional pages and fill out the “Contact Us” form. A company representative will respond as soon as possible.