Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen’s Tall cabinets (available for outdoors or indoors) can be used for storage or house wall ovens and appliances. Whether you plan to build a new kitchen or remodel an existing space, our tall cabinet is an excellent choice for appliances or for oversized storage space. This cabinet can be designed to match the rest of your base cabinetry.


  • The cabinet box is 79 3/8”H plus 4 1/2” adjustable legs.
  • A square shaped tapered stainless steel leg with adjustable foot is also available for an open contemporary style and look.
  • Black Anodized aluminum toe kick(s) may be ordered separately and cut on-site. Standard stainless steel pulls are included, upgrades are available for an additional cost. Hinges and screws are included. All tall cabinets are 24″ deep.
  • Cabinets are available in all Designer Finishes and Door Styles.
tall cabinet

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