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Builder Program

Dream Builders

Home builders build dreams. Whether you design or build single family homes, condos, townhouses or large multi-family complexes, your vision inspires an individual or family to think beyond the walls. The amenities you offer can stretch the homebuyer’s expectations from special to spectacular. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is your partner in helping to ensure the spectacular.

Offering an outdoor entertainment space complete with a Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen adds a lifestyle element to single family homes and multi-family common areas that stimulates the homebuyers’ imagination – and satisfies their wish list. According to the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, homeowners prioritize investing in outdoor living spaces above all other special function rooms/areas including home offices, mudrooms and suites.

Adding value to your project by incorporating outdoor entertainment spaces, complete with kitchens, into the square footage of the home, rather than landscape, builds additional equity into the home, gives you the competitive advantage in the market and makes it easier for the buyer to say yes.


Today’s homebuyers want a sense of luxury with room to relax and entertain. Outdoor entertainment spaces provide the perfect solution. According to a recent NKBA study, “Outdoor kitchens continue to be popular, with 43 percent of respondents saying they designed outdoor kitchens in the past year and 41 percent expecting an increase in outdoor projects in the coming year.” Our own experiences verify that year over year, the outdoor kitchen and outdoor lifestyle trends are increasing in popularity.

In many luxury communities, both custom and high volume builders are moving toward including an outdoor living space, complete with an outdoor kitchen. These are being designed in backyards, on rooftops or as a “California” or “Florida” transition rooms.

Multifamily builders are adding our powder coated, stainless steel kitchens in common areas for its beauty and durability in both indoor and outdoor locations. Our cabinetry is available in ADA-compliant configurations, adding to its popularity in common areas.

In order to help you take advantage of the trends, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens provide a quality solution that incorporates color, style and design into the look of the home, while giving buyers product longevity and the maintenance-free space they crave.


Our Builder Program is designed to make the decision to offer an outdoor kitchen package profitable. We will work with your company either directly or through one of our installing dealers to design an outdoor kitchen option that will add value and excitement to your project.

For your model home, we offer a generous display package, proven to motivate homebuyers and spur sales.

Simply contact us, and we will put you in touch with your local Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens representative to get you started.

Experience the Vision

We recommend incorporating a Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens environment as part of your model home or design center, whether you offer it as a standard feature or an option. For builders who do not employ model homes or design centers in their business model, our nationwide network of dealers and marketing partner showrooms, such as Brown Jordan and Cosentino, give you and your homebuyers a place to experience the look and quality first-hand.

Learning the Product & Selling the Experience

Whether you are a custom builder, part of a design-build firm or associated with a large volume builder, educating today’s home buyer on outdoor living and entertainment space possibilities is a must.  The traditional vision of a stone or stucco island with stainless steel doors and a grill is outdated, boring and not what today’s buyer wants.  Showcasing the color, style and design of Danver or Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens as an essential part of their at-home lifestyle, gives you a competitive advantage, makes the model look great, and increases your overall sale.

We offer training for your design center, showroom or model home sales personnel to better work with your buyers and close more sales.  You can choose to learn the latest trends, styles and innovations at our Connecticut factory throughout the year, or work one-on-one with a local dealer or area rep.  Either way, we offer great opportunities to increase your knowledge base and understand the intricacies of selling the experience along with the kitchen.