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Appliance Cabinets

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens appliance cabinets have been designed to fit any cooking or entertaining appliance. Whether you want to add your favorite grill, smoker, side burner, bartending station, refrigerator or even a pizza oven, rest assured that your appliance selection can be incorporated into your new outdoor kitchen with ease. Our in-house design team will help guide you to the best options based on your cooking style and approach to outdoor cooking.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance Cabinet

Before beginning the process of picking an appliance cabinet, think about any special storage space requirements you might have. Appliance base cabinets must be specified 6” wider than the appliance width. Additionally, a “trim kit” is specifically designed for every major manufacturer’s appliance to insure a proper fit.

The depth of standard appliance cabinets is 27 7/8” and total height is 34 ½. Extra depth cabinets are available in almost every size to accommodate specialty cooking appliances. Standard stainless steel pulls are included, with upgrades available for an additional cost. Hinges and screws are also included. Whether you need cabinets for small appliances or a large kitchen appliance, we can help provide the cabinets for most of your storage space needs in the outdoor space.


We offer a variety of rich powder coat finishes for our outdoor stainless steel cabinets. Choose your favorite cabinet finish from several colors, wood grain finishes, and textured inserts to compliment your current kitchen design and kitchen appliances.

Although we manufacture cabinets to fit various appliances, we do not manufacture grills and other cooking appliances. We do, however, distribute several quality brands at various price points for the convenience of our clients, making us the perfect one-stop shopping. All appliances and outdoor cabinetry can be drop-shipped to the project site for ease of installation.

The outdoor appliance brands we distribute include: Alfresco, Solaire, Saffire, Coyote, Crown Verity, Evo, Tuscan Chef.

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