Having quality outdoor kitchen doors and drawers to go with your grill is important in the outdoor space. Cabinets, access doors, drawers, or a door-and-drawer combo are all excellent ways to make sure you have everything within arms reach for outdoor cooking. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens brings function, style and design together for outdoor living spaces through our eight exclusive outdoor kitchen doors and cabinetry that are built to last.

The stainless steel cabinet doors and drawer fronts provide functional strength and durability, while our exclusive Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens color palette brings style and color to your outdoor living space. Browse our stainless steel outdoor kitchen door styles and options below to see which would best match your kitchen design for the outdoor space.

ELEMENTS™ Collection

TECNO Collection

Designer Finishes

Powder coating finishes add an additional level of protection against the harsh elements. In addition to the powder coat finishes, we also offer different species of realistic wood grain finishes to give your stainless steel doors for outdoor kitchens the look of wood without the maintenance.

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