We believe that outdoor living should be an extension of the beauty and comfort of indoors, incorporating a variety of features, conveniences, and design possibilities. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for outdoor entertainment and provide a space to relax and retreat.

We support architects in creating a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside. Architects can reshape the way their clients enjoy the good life outdoors by incorporating an outdoor kitchen design into the aesthetic of the home.

Transition rooms, balconies, and patios with outdoor kitchens expand your usable real estate and increase your home’s value. With extensive consideration of budget, function, climate, and your clients’ needs, we can help you design luxurious and functional outdoor spaces that will be enjoyed for years to come.

ADA Compliance

We will pair you with a team who will offer extensive support in understanding our products and how they integrate into your clients’ home and environment. As the best-in-class stainless steel outdoor kitchen manufacturer, our attention to detail caters to function, safety, and usability concerns, while giving you flexbility with placement, layout, color, style, and design.