Powder Coat Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Add a finish to your cabinets that is charming, will grab attention and turn heads. With Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, our finishes to the cabinets will do that. The Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen colors are applied through a powder coat finishing process. Each component of our powder coated doors are painted prior to assembly, eliminating direct exposure of the stainless steel to the environment and leaving an eye-catching finish to the overall outdoor kitchen design. This hinders the chance for rust over time and provides a nearly maintenance-free powder coat finish, making the stainless steel outdoor cabinets last longer in outdoor living spaces. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ powder coat color palette is an exclusive line selected to match Brown Jordan furniture.

We also offer nine realistic wood grain powder coat finishes, enhancing the kitchen design quality of your outdoor living space by providing the look and style of real wood without the wear and maintenance. Insert options are also available for certain door styles which can include wood grain finishes, textured metals, or any color from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ color palette.

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Outdoor Kitchen Finishes

The variety of rich powder coat outdoor kitchen cabinet finishes, wood grain finishes, and textured inserts ensures your ability to make your outdoor kitchen feel more like an outdoor living area and less like a traditional barbeque. Every Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen is manufactured and painted in the United States, guaranteeing the quality, durability, and longevity you expect in all weather outdoor cabinets.

outdoor kitchen finishes - this outdoor kitchen has a powder coated finish

Benefits of Powder Coating the Cabinetry

In addition to adding color and beauty to your outdoor entertainment space, powder coating provides a variety of benefits to your outdoor cabinetry:

  • Environmental benefits include making your outdoor kitchen cabinets weather resistant by protecting them from the corrosive effects of rain on unprotected stainless steel, as well as other climate extremes such as the desert sun, the mountain snows or the ocean spray.
  • Powder coated cabinets maintain their durability longer because they are less susceptible to rust over time.
  • Easy to maintain – simply wipe down with a damp cloth.

Did you know our cabinetry finishes carry a 7-year warranty?

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Check out the full design range of our powder coat cabinet finishes for luxury outdoor kitchens below. Powder coating outdoor kitchen cabinets helps improve the longevity and beauty of the outdoor kitchen. Let the experts help turn an outdoor kitchen idea into a reality.