Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Outdoor Cooking Appliances & Units

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ cabinetry is designed to accommodate any outdoor cooking appliance. Whether your cooking style requires a grill, smoker, pizza oven or burner, we have appliance cabinets to suit your needs. When designing your outdoor kitchen our in-house design team can help you choose the right appliance for your outdoor entertaining needs.

Although we do not manufacture grills and other outdoor cooking units, we do distribute a number of quality brands at various price points for the convenience of our clients, making us the perfect one-stop shop. We can drop ship the cabinetry and appliances to the project site for ease of installation.

For your convenience, we have listed the brands we distribute. Although we may not be able to get you every appliance featured on these websites, we can work with you to help you create the perfect environment for cooking outdoors. Whether you opt for one of these, or a product from another manufacturer, your entertainment space and guests will benefit.

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The brands we distribute include:

Alfresco | Warranty Support | 866.203.5607

Solaire | Warranty Support | 562.696.8718

Evo | Warranty Support | 503.626.1802

PGS | Warranty Support | 949.474.3070

Caliber | Warranty Support | 714.848.1349

Crown Verity | Warranty Support | 888.505.7240