Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, two elements that bring a kitchen together are the cabinets and countertops. Ample outdoor countertop space is essential if you plan to do a lot of cooking and entertaining outdoors. Outdoor kitchen countertops need to last overtime and withstand seasonal climate changes, but also need to have a right look and feel to match the design of the outdoor space. This can be difficult, as not every countertop material is built for the outdoors.

Outdoor Countertop Materials

Traditionally, granite, soapstone, tile and concrete countertops are the most popular materials for outdoor countertops. Although each has benefits, all options require maintenance, such as sealing – and even then, these natural materials are subject to environmental stresses. For instance, moisture will permeate the surface of a light soapstone countertop and after time the repetition of freezing and thawing will cause chipping and cracking.

  • Tiled countertops are highly susceptible to cracking and typically the only option you have is to replace it. However, it can lead to problems as it might not be possible to find the exact match.
  • Granite countertops are known for their durability but tend to be costly and therefore may not be feasible for everyone.
  • Concrete countertops are durable similar to granite countertops, but often fade over time.

The Best Outdoor Countertop

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens recommends Dekton® by Cosentino® for outdoor kitchen countertops. This new and innovative material is a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass formulated into an ultra-compact surface that is non-porous, UV-resistant for color stability in the sunshine, durable, virtually indestructible and impervious to staining makes it the best outdoor kitchen countertop material.

It’s resistant to thermal shock against heat, frost and thawing enables Dekton outside countertops to be used in any climate and a multitude of outdoor applications. The wide range of colors and finishes paired well with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen cabinets creating infinite possibilities to create a luxurious backyard living space.

Choose the color and style below to match your countertops and stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets.


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