ELEMENTS™ is the result of the ongoing collaboration between Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, and international architect and designer Daniel Germani. In keeping with the brand’s commitment to design innovation, the contemporary, freestanding collection takes a modular approach — empowering design professionals to create outdoor living spaces to fit any footprint.

To help keep outdoor living essentials within easy reach and protected from the elements, the collection offers nested drawers as well as doors and drawers with sleek, integrated handles. Configurations include storage cabinets – including the option of pass-through cabinets, which offer access from both sides – as well as cabinetry for grills, refrigerators and trash.

Elements is a modular concept. One can select from several standard measures and choose from a range of appliance options. Its 360-degree functionality provides access to storage and shelving on both sides of the units, creating beautiful, modular island blocks.

Daniel Germani

Creative Director, Daniel Germani Designs

As the first to introduce powder coated stainless steel to outdoor kitchens, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has continued to push its applications to the limit – now offering powder coat finishes for both the exterior and interior of cabinets. This new level of detail with interior finishes provides homeowners with nearly unlimited options, including the potential to add contrast through black or a pop of color or to incorporate wood grain-inspired drawers. Powder coat selections span a wide range of solid colors, realistic wood grains and industrial-inspired finishes, creating lasting beauty through an ultra-durable and low maintenance finish.

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