Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens quality stainless steel cabinetry is used to create luxury outdoor kitchens which is the best way to show off your creativity and unique design style. Our cabinets for the backyard or patio are powder coated in designer colors and realistic wood grains, allowing architects, builders and the design community the freedom to create premier outdoor living areas. Whether designing an outdoor cooking and living area to blend with the landscaping, patio furniture or continuing an interior theme to the outdoors, find what you need with the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens collection. Find a palette of colors and ever-growing selection of stainless steel doors for unlimited possibilities including a luxury BBQ outdoor kitchen island creating the perfect outdoor space with beautiful features.

Known for quality and designed to accommodate even the most creative outdoor layout, these luxurious kitchen cabinets fit any manufacturer’s outdoor grill, as well as other outdoor kitchen appliances, bars, and accessories. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used in outdoor kitchens for longevity, ease of maintenance and sleek, stylish finish. Design a timeless stainless steel outdoor kitchen unit with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for outdoor entertaining! For the added convenience of one-stop shopping, we distribute a selection of grills, refrigeration, and specialty cooking appliances designed to complete the ultimate outdoor cooking area.

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Unique Designs for the Outdoor Living Area

When it comes to high end backyard kitchens, there are no one-size-fits all. With many outdoor kitchen design styles including L-shaped, U-shaped and wall kitchens, designers, and architects have the freedom required to create unique outdoor living areas. Our in-house design team can help you choose top-of-the-line cooking appliances from smokers to pizza ovens or the convenience of an outdoor sink or built-in refrigerator. Our powder coat finishes provide additional protection to your stainless steel cabinets making them built to last and withstand even the harshest of elements with minimal maintenance. The expert design team at Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can help bring an indoor kitchen theme to the outdoor living space so you can enjoy grilling out in the fresh air. Explore the gallery for some of our recent outdoor kitchens found in extravagant homes. Want to turn an outdoor kitchen idea into a reality? Call 203-626-5625 to learn about some of our innovative products. Regardless of whether you choose to cater or become the grilling chef master, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has a cabinet to fit your appliances in the outdoor living area. Add value to your property while impressing your family, friends and guests!