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Choosing a Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Door Style

Interior kitchen cabinet doors have traditionally been made of wood and constructed with a range of styles to suit individual design preferences. As with your indoor living space, the designs that you choose in your outdoor space should reflect your cooking and entertaining lifestyle. Your choice of outdoor kitchen door style can add a touch of modern elegance, traditional style, and sophistication to the outdoors.

To keep pace with interest in outdoor kitchens, innovative outdoor living brands have designed outdoor styles that mirror indoor styles using durable materials. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ offers a variety of stainless steel outdoor kitchen door styles for our traditional cabinetry, as well as modern collections with sleek door fronts and integrated handles.

Door Styles for Traditional Cabinetry

As an innovator of stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens understands the importance of customizing the design of your space. To that end, we offer a variety of door styles and handles for our cabinetry.

Our door styles are manufactured from individual pieces that are powder coated before assembly, ensuring a clean finish. From a sleek, flat panel to intricate, handcrafted designs, any of our stainless steel door styles that you choose can give your outdoor kitchen a signature look. The following door styles are among our most popular selections:


This flat slab door is standard on all our cabinetry. It offers a streamlined, modern look to your outdoor kitchen.

Key West

Our classic Shaker style door with stiles and rails is one of our most popular styles. This style offers a truly timeless look.


Venice is best defined as a modern reflection of a classic style. It is a take on the Shaker style with a thin reveal.

Louver and Beadboard

These two door styles boast a fine attention to detail. They offer an extra touch of sophistication to your space.

Modern Collections

ELEMENTS in “Chili” powder coat

Besides for our traditional cabinetry, we offer two modern collections that we created in collaboration with architect and designer, Daniel Germani: TECNO and ELEMENTS. Both collections feature nested, soft-close drawers; sleek, full-height door fronts; and integrated handles. Each collection can be powder coated in any of our standard finishes. ELEMENTS has the option for multiple colors on the interior, on the handles, and more.

TECNO is a frameless design that pioneered the nested drawer and integrated handle applications. It can accommodate a variety of appliances and amenities, with multiple options for configurations.

ELEMENTS takes a modular and free-standing approach, with a frame and design that is unique to this collection. It is equally functional as an island application or up against a wall. It can offer pass-through cabinets for access from both sides and cabinetry that is suitable for storage and housing appliances.

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Choosing a Door Style

When deciding on your outdoor kitchen design, consider your needs for the space. Your layout, door style, and powder coat selections are great opportunities to reflect your cooking and entertaining lifestyle.

Your selection of door style will depend on factors like your aesthetic, the size of your space, and your lifestyle. The door style can enhance your overall outdoor living design or make your cabinetry a standalone piece in your space.

Our Hampton and Venice door styles, as well as either of our modern collections, are the best choices for an elegant aesthetic. Pair any of these contemporary styles with neutral hue for a classy space or a bold hue for a fun, eclectic space.

The Beadboard and Louver are popular styles in coastal applications, especially paired with whites, blues, and light neutrals. They also offer a touch of sophistication to outdoor living spaces when coupled with rich, deep hues. TECNO and ELEMENTS are especially suitable for outdoor kitchens near the water as well, since the powder coated, integrated handles reduce maintenance.

The Key West is our most versatile door, because it beautiful and functional in virtually every space. It can be tailored to suit a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. Depending on the powder coat color that you choose, this door can enhance any aesthetic.

In smaller spaces, light colors and metallics can make the area appear larger, while large spaces are extremely versatile with style and finish. With over 60 finishes available, you can design an outdoor kitchen that truly reflects your individual taste.

If you’re uncertain about the color and door style that will work the best in your space, our in-house designers can provide drawings of potential layouts. For more inspiration, our outdoor kitchen gallery highlights a variety of styles, colors, and layouts to help you design your own signature outdoor kitchen.

The door style that you choose is an important feature for the design of your outdoor kitchen. Consider the size of your space, the layout, and the aesthetic to determine the best style. Choose a powder coat finish that complements your aesthetic, and you will have an outdoor kitchen design that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

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