Increase in Demand for Outdoor Kitchens

According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, the increase in demand for outdoor kitchens by homeowners continues to trend upward for the third year in a row. This demand means there is plenty of opportunity for remodelers and designers to expand the scope of their client’s outdoor project from a simple barbeque island to a fully-functional entertainment space that includes an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners may be wondering, do outdoor kitchens add value? The short answer is yes, an outdoor living space and kitchen will add value to a home.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of remodelers are capitalizing on these outdoor space expansion project opportunities. In the past year, more than 80 percent of remodelers surveyed by Qualified Remodeler have completed one or more outdoor living projects. However, less than half have marketed these services to clients looking to update their homes, leaving quite a bit of potential revenue on the table.

How do you meet the demand, enhance the homeowner’s investment and create a new revenue stream for your business?

Since it’s clear homeowners want you to design their backyard as an extension of what they have indoors, affiliating yourself with Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens affords you the opportunity to entice your clients with the vast and growing possibilities that exist for an outdoor kitchen that fits their lifestyle and expands your bottom line.

To give our new dealers a jump-start, the on-site training at our Connecticut factory provides attendees with:
  • Insights into identifying the proper clientele
  • Design concepts and tips
  • Ways to bring added value to the project
  • Recognizing and capitalizing on trends
  • Using design expertise to help clients envision the lifestyle
  • And an in-depth factory tour

Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens stainless steel cabinets not only help create functional outdoor living space for single-family residential properties, but for multi-family and commercial properties, as well.

Multifamily Executive advises architects, designers and builders to incorporate elements of hospitality into residential design for multifamily communities including common spaces. “Taking into consideration the lifestyles of renters, a property that caters to professionals or starter families might focus more on open workspaces or outdoor living.” This source cites rooftop lounges as a very hot amenity with renters noting they are used as a space for hosting parties, impressing friends, and boasting a view if their apartment unit is limited.

No doubt, requests for an outdoor kitchen remodel to enhance outdoor living spaces will continue to top the wish lists for home and apartment dwellers urging remodelers to meet these needs. We invite you to discover how Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can help you fulfill your client’s outdoor improvements wishlist. We’re here to help you create personalized, full-featured entertainment spaces that offer a variety of cooking experiences.

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