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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Cabinet Material

eco-friendly outdoor cabinet material This post was originally published on June21,2018 and updated on June 12, 2020.

Consumers continue to talk – and worry – about the environment – even in their own backyards. The depletion of natural resources and cost to the environment are front and center in many people’s minds, driving some to explore using green products when designing their outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces. An eco-friendly outdoor kitchen design means making important decisions and the materials chosen for the cabinetry top the list.

Cabinetry Materials for the Outdoor Space

Among the options available for outdoor cabinetry materials are a variety of wood species, including cypress, ipe, teak, bamboo and others, as well as polymers, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and stainless steel. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are manufactured from the latter and are compatible with many appliances. Stainless steel is an often overlooked sustainable and recyclable material known for a variety of traits including:

  • low maintenance costs
  • long life
  • 100% recyclability
  • fire and corrosion resistance
  • product safety
  • minimal emissions

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Finish

When you choose to powder coat your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinet doors, you are also making an environmentally-friendly choice. Our colors and wood grains are applied to the stainless steel using a powder coat paint finishing process, which is safe for the environment and for the people who work with it. More durable than paint, this solvent-free technology:

  • does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • reduces finishing line emissions
  • produces far less harmful waste by-product
  • complies with environmental regulations
  • does not generate airborne pollutants
  • does not pose a significant health risk
  • easy to dispose of since it does not contain hazardous materials

The Best Cabinet Material

Danver/Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens continues to appeal to a variety of lifestyles. Our use of stainless steel coupled with powder coat painting is part of our sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize negative environmental effects. By doing so, we hope our cabinetry for the outdoor space appeals to potential homeowners and tenants who are looking for environmentally friendly products.

Want to learn more about our stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets? We help transform the outdoor living space. Visit our gallery page for more outdoor kitchen cabinet ideas and get the many benefits of outdoor living.

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