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Design a Semi-Custom Outdoor Kitchen

If you are interested in designing an outdoor kitchen, you may be aware that there are many options available. These options range from prefabricated kits to semi-custom designs, suitable for any outdoor kitchen space and price point.

For a short-term solution with limited options and features, prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits are a common choice. On the other hand, semi-custom outdoor kitchens are a long-term investment. They offer a multitude of colors, styles, and layouts for a truly signature outcome.

Although prefabricated kits are popular with DIYers, a semi-custom outdoor kitchen will give you the best results. A stainless steel outdoor kitchen from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens will enhance your outdoor living space for years to come. Experience a lifetime of value with seemingly endless options, limited maintenance, and best-in-class beauty and functionality.

Prefab vs. Semi-Custom

Prefabricated (“prefab”) and semi-custom outdoor kitchens have different applications. Prefab outdoor kitchen kits are a great budget-conscious or DIY option for a backyard project. These kits offer preassembled cabinetry in standard sizes and configurations that easily fit together. Since they are not a long-term solution, the upfront investment is less.

A semi-custom outdoor kitchen offers a ton of value to your living space. While prefab kits serve a purpose, they do not offer long-term value. Semi-custom solutions are a lifelong commitment.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens provides all the tools to create a semi-custom stainless steel outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens mirror the function and integrity of the most luxurious indoor kitchens. We offer a variety of colors, door styles, and appliance applications. For these reasons, homeowners and trade professionals consistently choose our semi-custom outdoor kitchens as the most attractive solution.

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Materials and Layouts

While outdoor kitchens are available in a variety of materials, stainless steel has emerged as the most durable choice. Over the years, we have perfected our approach to working with stainless steel, ensuring a seamless and beautiful result. We are consistently innovating our product line, engineering new and better solutions.

We offer the most design flexibility in the industry, with cabinetry available in 3” increments. We offer a variety of cabinetry styles, like grill, base, sink, trash, and wall. Although L-shaped and U-shaped outdoor kitchens are popular, you can create virtually any layout you can imagine. You can easily include plenty of counter space and storage for a functional, standalone kitchen.

Appliances and Amenities

Whether you desire a compact cooking station or a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, we have the solution. We offer a variety of appliance cabinets and applications for sinks, fridges, pizza ovens, wine coolers, and more. Discover all the appliances and amenities you will need for luxury outdoor living.

While we make outdoor kitchens, we know the significance of designing an all-inclusive outdoor living space. The flexibility of our cabinetry allows you to incorporate other features like a kitchen island and outdoor dining area. You can design the perfect outdoor entertainment space in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard.

Colors and Craftsmanship

As leaders in the outdoor kitchen industry, we value color and craftsmanship in our brand story. Our award-winning color collection offers a variety of hues, metallics, and textures for a showstopping finish. Best of all, our outdoor-rated powder coats reduce the maintenance of your kitchen to a bare minimum.

For expert fit and finish, our stainless steel doors are powder coated and hand-assembled in our Connecticut factory. We hand-assemble and inspect your order before shipping to ensure we do not overlook any detail. We engineer our cabinetry with durability in mind, and we design it to last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Design Tools

Whether you are a homeowner or trade professional, we recognize the importance of resources to assist your design journey. To that end, we offer a variety of design tools like installation guides and videos. We understand the usefulness of these resources to assist professionals with correctly installing our outdoor kitchens.

Our team of experts is always available for a free quote and design assistance. We have an expanding network of dealers and reps all over the world. We equip our dealers with product knowledge, cabinetry displays, and samples. If you are interested in a turnkey application, our dealers can provide countertop solutions, installation, and more.

For a truly luxurious outdoor kitchen design, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the top choice for trade professionals. Our line of semi-custom stainless steel cabinetry offers the highest quality materials and the most design solutions. Unlike “prefab” outdoor kitchen kits, our cabinetry gives you the freedom to design a truly unique space.

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