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Outdoor Amenities For Your Backyard Entertainment Center

This post was originally posted Oct. 11, 2017 and updated May 15, 2020.
Backyard entertainment setups used to consist of only a barbecue and a picnic table, but homeowners have recently started to create innovative outdoor spaces that rival the indoors of their homes. Outdoor entertainment areas are becoming more luxurious and functional with all-weather seating, innovative lighting, firepits, televisions, pizza ovens, and more.

Is your outdoor entertainment center missing something? Consider these outdoor amenities to spruce up your backyard entertainment area. The more outdoor activities you have in the home, the more fun you will have in the backyard or patio.

Fire Pit

Fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and patio heaters are all great for warming up at night in an outdoor living space. However, simple patio heaters lack the warm glow of a real flame created by a fire pit or fireplace. A fire will encourage your guests to gather around once the sun has gone down.

TV or Projector

Retractable TVs or projectors are ideal for those who want to combine their love of the outdoors with their love of watching sports or movies.

Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are a unique way to feed and entertain your guests outdoors that goes beyond a traditional barbecue or cookout. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers pizza oven cabinets large enough to accommodate pizza ovens 400 pounds or heavier and up to 36 inches in width. Our pizza oven cabinet box has adjustable legs and pre-made access holes for plumbing or electrical hookups with removable covers.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable outdoor seating is a staple for any outdoor entertainment center. You and your guests will get the most out of your experience with the right seating options. Weatherproof chairs and couches are great for accommodating backyard parties, kids, rain, and spilled food or drinks. Comfortable seating is a must-have for your outdoor entertainment space. All outdoor furniture should be weather-resistant, durable, and stain-resistant.

Outdoor Refrigeration / Bar Stations

Having cool beverages available for your guests is an essential part of entertaining outdoors. A bartending station or outdoor refrigerator will provide easy access for your guests and allow you to stay outdoors while you host your backyard party. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens designs bartending and cocktail station base cabinets in a variety of sizes and styles. The base cabinets are available with two doors and several shelving options. In addition, an outdoor kitchen with fridge will bring your party outdoors and keep guests hydrated and happy.

outdoor kitchen with fridge

Hot Tub

A hot tub is a great addition to any backyard entertainment area, as it adds a luxurious water option without the required space and maintenance of a pool. A strategically placed hot tub or jacuzzi will add relaxation and luxury to your outdoor space. When you choose where to install a hot tub, consider easy access to the house, privacy, and whether a shady or sunny area is best.

Outdoor Lighting

Create a special atmosphere in your backyard with lights. Get creative by mixing up the sizes and shapes of lights and candles, spreading them throughout your outdoor space. You may also consider adding lanterns or strings of holiday lights. Long-lasting LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor use. Bright LED lights are perfect for your grill area, creating a warm ambiance and enough light to do your cooking when the sun goes down.

outdoor kitchen lighting

Additional Amenities for the Outdoor Living Area

You may have an outdoor pool, basketball court, and a tennis court on the rooftop of your building if you are living in an apartment community. With these amenities in your apartment complex, it is almost like a resort. You can have fun in the outdoor living area all year round, depending on your climate.

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With the right backyard amenities, your outdoor space will be ideal for hosting events and parties. Consider adding a firepit, outdoor television, pizza oven, weatherproof seating, refrigeration, a hot tub, or atmospheric lighting to your backyard living area to create an inviting space that is perfect for entertaining this summer. Contact the experts today about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

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Updated May 15, 2020.

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