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Creating Your Dream Outdoor Living Room

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This post was published on September 25, 2019 and updated August 20, 2020.
The desire to bring indoor features to the outdoors is growing in popularity, as evidenced by the increase in demand for outdoor kitchens among homeowners. However, an outdoor kitchen is not the only way to create the illusion of the “inside coming out”. An outdoor living room for the backyard, patio, rooftop or deck is the perfect complement to an outdoor kitchen by providing a space to sit and relax, entertain, and eat with friends and family. When creating your dream living room for the outdoor space, consider a variety of factors to make the best use of function, color, and space.

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4 Outdoor Living Room Design Ideas

1. Seating Area for Entertainment and Eating

First and foremost, the most practical purpose of an outdoor room is a seating area for entertaining and eating with loved ones. Designing an outdoor living room in the same space as your outdoor kitchen is optimal for this purpose, as your cooking area is only steps away from your dining area. This layout gives the chef the ability to socialize with guests while cooking, as well as allowing lounging guests the option to easily access food and drink. Consider having enough space for outdoor furniture to accommodate family, friends and guests so that everyone is comfortable. By designing your dream outdoor living room with both in mind, you’ll achieve a functional and efficient layout that truly brings everyone together in the living space outdoors.

2. Shade Options

When considering how indoor and outdoor features can flow, framing and shading are popular ways to enclose your outdoor living room and provide a perimeter, making it feel even more like an indoor space in the outdoors. Shading options – like a gazebo or pergola – offer protection from the sun and will give you the bonus of enjoying your space even during inclement weather. Consider installing a ceiling fan in your gazebo or covered patio so you can stay cool during the warm summer nights.  Additionally, using elements such as fencing, curtains, or lattice will create boundaries and provide the illusion of having an indoor space in the outdoors. These features also allow the option to hang up artwork or lights to make the space feel even more like home. Your dream outdoor living room will feel cozy and secluded, as if you were relaxing indoors.

3. Outdoor Lighting

By adding lighting, the enjoyment of your outdoor space does not need to be limited to the daytime. An outdoor fire place, string lights, or lanterns can enhance your evening or nighttime atmosphere by providing a cozy ambience. An outdoor fire pit is perfect for lighting and heating up the patio while you enjoy roasting marshmallows over the fire. Including outdoor lighting is essential as it also gives you the opportunity to cook, eat, drink, and socialize with loved ones even after the sun goes down. You will certainly appreciate relaxing in your space with the cool nighttime air and a warm glow.

4. Color and Décor Style

Along with the use of space, consider color and décor to tie everything together. Just as Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a rich variety of color options for powder coating your outdoor kitchen cabinets, your outdoor living room should include indoor design elements that use color to enhance the overall aesthetic. Some popular ideas include patio furniture, rugs, curtains, throw pillows – even TVs! Most importantly, you’ll want to choose furniture and accessories that are weather-resistant and stylish to suit your personalized color palette. Consider a rug, that is rated for the outdoors, adding matching throw pillows onto your sofa and curtains from the same color palette to tie everything together. Including these accessories is a sure way to maximize the concept of bringing the indoors to the outdoors, creating a stylish, yet cozy outdoor living space.

Transform the Outdoor Living Area

Your dream outdoor living space should include several features to create a relaxing outdoor retreat with the most optimal use of function, color, and space. Design an outdoor living room with an outdoor kitchen nearby for optimal entertainment. Use elements like fencing or a pergola to create boundaries and shade for a quiet, inviting space. Finally, consider your color palette and choose appropriate accessories like rugs and curtains to make your living room in the outdoor space a true reflection of the indoors. Take outdoor entertaining to the next level. Call us today or use our contact form to learn more about our outdoor kitchen cabinets.

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Updated May 15, 2020.

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