An essential objective of designing a kitchen for the outdoors is being mindful of how indoor and outdoor features and color palettes can flow to create a cohesive space. When choosing a color, it is vital to consider not only hues but durability and lasting appearance of the finish. The Brown Jordan Outdoor Living Report is an excellent resource for selecting from the most popular powder coat finish colors to suit any outdoor kitchen design.

Weather and everyday wear-and-tear can negatively affect the stainless steel finish on outdoor cabinets by contributing to corrosion, rust, scratches, and stains. A powder coat finish is highly recommended to minimize maintenance and contribute to a durable, long-lasting product since this type of coating can withstand all the outdoor elements including wear and tear. It also allows for customization with a variety of colors.

Powder coating is the process by which dry colored powder is deposited onto a surface – in this case, metal – using electrostatic charges, which allows for an even powder-coated finish. The surface is then heated to a specific temperature and cured to form a durable layer. A powder coat finish is a tougher and more protective finish than other conventional paint options. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has over 20 years of experience working with designers to provide the latest environmentally friendly technology for powder coat types with an industrial, concrete-like texture that meshes well with the feel of the outdoors. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a rich palette of color options in their powder coat finishes to suit a wide range of personal and professional aesthetics.

While many homeowners are turning back to a classic black for their indoor kitchen spaces – whether it be countertops, cabinetry, or appliances – the Brown Jordan Outdoor Living Report highlights 10 of the most popular powder coat color choices from around the country in wood grains, moody hues and neutrals, and metallic pops of color.

Wood Grains

The powder coat colors offered in wood grain provide the perfect opportunity to effortlessly blend the design of a typical indoor kitchen space with the woodsy feel of the outdoors. While real wood has drawbacks – such as requiring consistent exterior maintenance with paint or stain

– the wood grain powder coated finishes offer the look and style of real wood while providing complete protection and a lasting finish.

  • Teak – a classic shade that has been used in boatbuilding for over 2,000 years and is popular for boat decking and cabinetry.
  • Cherry Flame – a warm, reddish-orange shade that would be sure to create a cozy outdoor atmosphere.
  • Drift – a neutral and calming grain of dark and light grey that would complement many styles and palettes.
  • Horizon – a light greyish-green hue that is one of the best options for a clean, natural feel – modern look with horizontal grain.

Moody Hues and Neutrals

Neutral hues and deep, emotional colors are classically suitable for creating an inviting, relaxing space in the great outdoors. Color vibrancy and saturation are ideal for that rich, luxurious feel.

  • Boysenberry, a lush and deep reddish-purple shade that mimics the fruit.
  • Mica, a neutral dark grey with plenty of shimmer to reflect the light.
  • Night, a traditionally classic black that is a staple in many color palettes.
  • Nu-Black Hammertone, which always stands out in outdoor lighting due to the natural depth and dimension from the hammering process.
  • Grey, another essential neutral shade that is particularly popular in the quaint areas of New England.

Metallic Pops

Metallic shades are some of the most unique options for powder coat finish colors. While mimicking the shine of natural stainless, they also provide that durable finish, creating a clean and striking outcome in the sunlight.

  • Metallic Bronze Matte, a neutral dark grey with a subtle shimmer.
  • Champagne 304 Metallic, a beautiful metallic beige with a pink undertone.

Regardless of one’s color preference or palette options, choosing to powder coat stainless cabinets in an outdoor space is a no-brainer. This type of coating allows for plenty of protection to withstand weathering with a durable and vibrant finish. While Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a wide array of powder coat color options, the Outdoor Living Report highlights 10 of the most popular choices that would be sure to suit any aesthetic.

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