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Why You Should Have an Outdoor Grill Hood

outdoor grill hood

When cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you may find a grill hood is an important feature to improve airflow and provide proper ventilation in covered or transitional outdoor cooking areas. While Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens does not manufacture outdoor grill hoods, this article discusses why you should include one in any covered outdoor cooking space.

Benefits of a Barbecue Hood

Outdoor grill hoods are not required in open air outdoor cooking areas, but any indoor/outdoor cooking space should include one for improved airflow and ventilation. A grill hood will enhance your outdoor experience and give the feel of professional cooking in any outdoor covered area or transition room. A hood may even be a requirement in accordance with building codes.

Outdoor grill hoods are suitable for all types of grills (electric, charcoal, gas). When choosing a material, heavy gauge stainless steel is not only durable, but it will add an attractive design element to your outdoor kitchen. Integrated halogen lights can add both visibility and style to your cooking space.

Grill hoods require a ventilation hood that is deeper and typically wider than an indoor model to provide an optimal capture area. Finally, dishwasher safe filters and including a muffler will ensure minimal maintenance and a quiet outdoor living space.


If your outdoor space is transitional, you should absolutely invest in an barbecue hood. Not only will an outdoor hood help to extract grease, smoke, and odors from the cooking area for safety and cleanliness, but it also adds a stylish design element to your outdoor kitchen.

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