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Outdoor Kitchens & Living Ideas in Arizona

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While the interest in outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces is universal, specific designs and color concepts are often regional in nature. For example, a transitional style with a wood grain finish has been the most popular aesthetic in the western region of the United States. In this article, we discuss Arizona, Arizona Rooms, and how outdoor living and outdoor kitchen trends and design ideas are based largely on the climate of the state.

Outdoor Living Trends in Arizona

Due to the weather in Arizona, pergolas and other shaded patio options are popular for outdoor living spaces among homeowners. Depending on the location in Arizona, the climate can be very different, although it is mostly dry to very dry with limited humidity and plenty of sun exposure. Nights can be chilly, and higher elevations in the northern regions of the state will even see snow. Precipitation also varies quite a bit, from droughts to occasional monsoon weather. Outdoor shading options offer protection from the sun and occasional rain or snow.

A transitional aesthetic with wood grain finishes and nature-inspired hues is popular for outdoor living spaces, with the goal of blending the indoors with the outside. Incorporating outdoor accessories, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pools is important for this reason as well. Outdoor kitchens and pools are especially common for homeowners because they can be used all year in most of the state with minimal maintenance. It is also popular to include plenty of amenity options to create a complete living space that can be enjoyed outside on almost any day of the year.

Best Types of Outdoor Kitchens for Arizona 

The best outdoor kitchens will incorporate the outdoor living trends in Arizona into a cohesive whole. Outdoor kitchens in Arizona should remain durable and beautiful with minimal maintenance and incorporate popular design trends in the western United States.

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures semi-custom stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets with plenty of opportunity for design choices. Our cabinets will remain durable and require minimal maintenance with UV resistant powder coat color options. In addition, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a realistic wood grain powder coat palette for the popular transitional aesthetic. Exclusive door styles and handle options can give you the exact look you desire in your Arizona outdoor kitchen. In addition, you can choose from a wide selection of amenity options like grill cabinets and bartending stations, as well as sink cabinets and cooling solutions for food and drinks.

Since Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has seemingly endless layout options, your space can truly incorporate your dream outdoor living design. Easily design your outdoor kitchen around existing structures like your pool, and effortlessly add a fireplace, seating area, or incorporate features like a BBQ island or bar seating into your design. With custom fillers and finished back and end panels, your outdoor kitchen will look beautiful and complete, no matter where you put it.

Arizona Room 

Like a Florida or California Room, an Arizona Room is an outdoor extension of the indoor living space but found in Arizona. It is usually added to the back of a residence for privacy and is completely or partially covered with a roof. For the walls, you can choose from screens or windows, depending on your goals for the space. Similar to a sunroom, an Arizona Room addition merges the best of both the indoors and outdoors by providing the feeling of being outside but with protection from the sun, snakes, scorpions, and other wildlife.

If you are seeking an abundance of natural light at your house, consider where to place your Arizona room based on sunrise and sunset. If you want more fresh air, screens are the way to go. Otherwise, glass walls will let in tons of natural light while providing extra protection from the outdoors. Besides for an outdoor kitchen, an Arizona Room can be fully outfitted with features like a separate seating area, a pool, a fireplace, and outdoor accessories.


Given the hot and dry climate, cooling options are vital in an Arizona Room for both outdoor fun and an escape from the heat. Your enclosed pool will be more protected from wildlife and stray vegetation as well.

Seating area

A seating or dining area completes your Arizona Room addition by providing an area to relax and eat out of the sun. It will give you and any guest that outdoor feeling while providing you shelter from the heat. Place your seating area close to your outdoor kitchen for the best entertaining results.


For a chilly Arizona night and especially if your Arizona Room has screens instead of windows, a fireplace is a great addition to add warmth and a cozy atmosphere. A fireplace near low seating is key for relaxation after dinner.

Outdoor accessories

Lighting features and curtains will create a cozy nighttime ambiance. Rugs and pillows are a great opportunity to enhance your color palette. Include a TV for the ultimate entertainment package in your outdoor living room.

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While the Arizona climate sets the outdoor living and outdoor kitchen trends, outdoor kitchens are popular for use summer through winter. Building an outdoor kitchen from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. For that true indoor-outdoor living experience, an Arizona living room fuses natural light with protection from sun, rain, and wildlife. Enjoy amenities like a pool, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and other outdoor accessories for the ultimate in outdoor living in Arizona.

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