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Spring is in the Air

Birds are happily chirping, pollen is wreaking havoc and the days are getting longer, indicating that spring is upon us. You know what that means…it’s time to dust off your patio furniture and prepare your backyard for relaxation and entertaining. But, have you thought about transforming your exterior space into more than just a typical outdoor room?

If so, you may be going back and forth deciding on whether or not you need a full outdoor kitchen or if you can sneak by with a simple grilling station. We may be a little bias, but if you’re planning to invest in your patio space, an outdoor kitchen may just be the right choice for you.

An outdoor kitchen combines all the elements of an interior kitchen, enabling you to store all your cooking and grilling utensils and groceries outside. This will allow you the freedom to socialize and join the fun while entertaining, instead of always needing to make treks back inside. In addition, the extra countertop space provides an option for a bar area, making it even easier to chat while preparing a feast. Outdoor kitchens provide a lifestyle experience; they offer more than just form and function.

Our design-build partners can help you create an outdoor kitchen that not only matches your existing exterior architecture and landscape, but also one that highlights your personal tastes. And, if you’re the type of homeowner that likes get involved with choosing the design elements right down to the cabinet door handles, then you’re in luck. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are available in multiple door styles and powder coat finishes that will knock your guests’ socks off. Not to mention the plethora of accessories that provides the finishing touches.

Now that we have you hooked, check out these backyard kitchen designs for inspiration…

backyard kitchen designs for inspiration
Photo Credit: Ron Wellander; Susan Myers Smith Photography
Photo Credit: Innovative Outdoor Kitchens – Photography Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography
Photo Credit: Innovative Outdoor Kitchens; Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography

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