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Country and Urban Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

An attractive feature of designing your outdoor kitchen is the ability to capture any aesthetic by customizing your kitchen idea and design with a variety of colors and materials. Two popular aesthetics for outdoor kitchens are a farmhouse/country outdoor kitchen and an urban outdoor kitchen, each of which can be easily achieved with a stainless steel outdoor kitchen from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. Regardless of the outdoor kitchen aesthetic that you are seeking, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens will work closely with you to achieve the dream outdoor kitchen design that meets your needs.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

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Both the country and urban outdoor kitchen aesthetics can be achieved with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen’s stainless steel cabinets, options for layouts, and powder coat finishes.

A country/farmhouse outdoor style is casual and natural, with earthy materials and colors. This country outdoor kitchen design typically includes wood, metal, and brick, with colors like red, wood grains, brown, white, and green. Casual seating is popular, with barstools or a separate relaxed seating area with a firepit or fireplace.

By contrast, the urban outdoor style is sleek and modern with neutral tones. Urban outdoor living spaces utilize industrial materials, especially metal, and they include colors like black, white, grey, and silver. Urban outdoor kitchens are often found on balconies and rooftops.

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Trending Designs and Layouts

Farmhouse outdoor living designs or country outdoor kitchen ideas include features like a covered patio,  gazebo or pergola, metal accents, stone walls, concrete flooring, and wooden features like sliding barn doors. A farmhouse, also known as a country outdoor kitchen, will include a natural countertop material like limestone, granite, or even stone tiles. Barstools or casual seating arrangements are common for outdoor entertaining as well, meaning that L shaped layouts or straight runs with islands are popular. These layouts can effortlessly incorporate outdoor bar seating and leave open space for other features like an outdoor fireplace.

Urban outdoor kitchens on balconies and rooftops are often not covered, as their placement provides stunning views of the landscape. Due to the limited outdoor space in these areas, urban outdoor kitchens are often simple layouts with a minimal aesthetic. They incorporate clean and sharp lines with sleek granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, for a fresh, modern look. Like the country outdoor living space, they often include outdoor bar seating or a separate fire table with chairs for dining and socializing.

The Benefits of Choosing Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can help you achieve the perfect outdoor kitchen that complements your personal aesthetic. Whether you are seeking a country/farmhouse or an urban look, our stainless steel cabinets can be powder coated in a color that will fulfill your style. To suit a country outdoor space, we offer powder coat colors in reds, browns, greens, and realistic wood grain finishes for outdoor wall cabinets and additional cabinet types. For an urban outdoor kitchen area, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers an exclusive selection of powder coat colors that run the gamut of a selection of modern hues, including black, white, silver, and other metallics.

Our cabinetry for any outdoor kitchen idea is manufactured in a variety of types, from base cabinets to appliance cabinets, with hundreds of sizes available. In addition, we manufacture finished end and back panels, as well as fillers, to give your beautiful outdoor kitchen a clean, finished look wherever you decide to place it. As such, you have the freedom to create seemingly endless layout possibilities and incorporate outdoor living features, like an outdoor cooking area with a mobile beverage cart, seating, and a firepit, to cater your entire outdoor living experience to your liking.

Country and urban outdoor kitchen designs are just two of the possibilities for your beautiful outdoor kitchen from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. Whether you choose a casual country aesthetic, a modern urban aesthetic, or anything in between, we offer the layout options and powder coat finishes to make your perfect outdoor kitchen happen.

For stunning examples of outdoor kitchens that suit any style and aesthetic, check out our outdoor kitchen gallery for inspiration! Transform the outdoor entertaining area today!

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