Spanish Outdoor Kitchen

Striving to capture the beauty of old-world European charm right in your own backyard? You can easily elevate your backyard aesthetic by choosing an outdoor kitchen brand that captures the style and design of your choosing. The frameless, European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ has seemingly endless configurations with color, style, and design, giving you the freedom to create an elegant Spanish style (or any other style!) outdoor kitchen.

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Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen: Designs and Appliances

A modern Spanish kitchen embodies a traditional Mediterranean design. It will include materials like tile or natural stone countertops and wood finish cabinets. The color palette will include earthy or nature-inspired hues, like wood grains, browns, greens, beiges, oranges, and reds. Materials and features like exposed wooden beams, ironwork, lattice, stucco, stone, and clay are also characteristics of this style. A Spanish style outdoor kitchen ideas will almost surely include appliances like pizza ovens, power burners, and smokers for that traditional Mediterranean feel.

To extend a Spanish aesthetic beyond your outdoor kitchen design, you can easily design a cohesive Spanish style outdoor space. With Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, you can create nearly any outdoor kitchen layout, allowing you to include other features like a decorative outdoor kitchen wall with beautifully colored tile and an outdoor clay fireplace. Complete the European look with a covering, such as an elegant pergola with vines and intricate latticework.

Create a Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

While a traditional Spanish style kitchen includes natural materials like wood, the main drawback of wood is that it requires a lot of maintenance in the outdoors. The beauty of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is that you can use our durable, European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry and realistic wood grain powder coat finishes to create a Spanish style outdoor kitchen design that has the look of real wood without the maintenance. Our wood grain powder coat options include dark and light hues to suit your style, and we also offer expansive color palettes that include an abundance of neutrals and earth-tones for an outdoor kitchen that captures Spanish charm.

Our durable outdoor kitchen cabinets can be placed in nearly any configuration, allowing you to incorporate coverings, appliances, and other features to complete your Spanish style outdoor living space. Although we do not manufacture outdoor appliances, our appliance cabinets can house virtually any outdoor appliance on the market so you can easily incorporate them in your outdoor kitchen.

A Spanish style kitchen will embody old-world European charm, with materials like wood, stone, tile, clay, and stucco, and colors like reds, browns, wood grains, and greens. The European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the perfect solution to create a Spanish style outdoor kitchen, complete with a realistic wood grain powder coat finish and Spanish style features and appliances for your outdoor living space. 

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