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California Backyard Ideas: Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

California Backyard Ideas

In terms of outdoor living design in the United States, you will often see colors, styles, and designs that are trending in certain regions of the country. When looking specifically at outdoor living ideas in the state of California, some of the common additions to a backyard space include an outdoor kitchen, outdoor lounging area, outdoor entertainment, fireplace, pool, and shading options. Incorporating each of these elements will help to create a cohesive outdoor living space that offers food, fun, and a comfortable space to relax outside.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Backyards in California can incorporate a variety of trends, ranging from outdoor cooking and lounging to entertainment packages. Here are some of the most common outdoor living space ideas, all of which will create a beautiful outdoor living space in California – or anywhere else.

Outdoor kitchen. A luxury outdoor living space would not be complete without an outdoor kitchen. Popular not just in California, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen features an abundance of convenience and entertainment value for all your outdoor patio gatherings.

Lounging area. An outdoor space can be an extension of your indoor living space, complete with a lounging area or living room. Spending more time outdoors in the beautiful California weather is easy and enjoyable with a relaxing space.

Entertainment. What could be better than an outdoor entertainment oasis? With more outdoor-rated electronics than ever, outdoor entertainment packages are common in California for everything from Super Bowl parties to unwinding after an evening meal.             

Fireplace. An outdoor fireplace brings the comforts of the indoors to the outside. Providing warmth and a cozy ambiance, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to gather around on a cool night with a drink in hand.

Pool. A pool adjacent to an outdoor kitchen provides a ton of benefits for family fun, outdoor barbecues, and pool parties. Pools are popular in many regions of California because they can be used virtually year-round and are a great escape when the weather is hot.

California Room and other shade options. Covered spaces offer shade and protection from the elements. A California Room – also the moniker for a three-season room – is an enclosed space, either with windows or screens, that can house your entire outdoor living space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Space in California

The benefits of an outdoor space in California are abundant when you can create an entire living area that showcases features like a seating area, outdoor kitchen, entertainment, fireplace, and pool. Here are some of the highlights of an outdoor living space:

Increase in resale value. A California outdoor kitchen alone increases the resale value of your home significantly. By that margin, a fully stocked outdoor living space means more money in your pocket when it is time to sell your home.

Unparalleled convenience. By bringing the comforts of the indoors to the outside, the convenience is unmatched. An outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor patio seating, and entertainment options will be as convenient and enjoyable as your indoor living space with the bonus of being outside.

Food and entertainment. Host the ultimate parties right in your California backyard! Grill up delicious food in your outdoor kitchen, splash around in the pool, and then spend the evening relaxing by the fireplace, binge-watching your favorite show with a drink in hand.

More time spent outdoors. These days, spending more time outdoors in the sun and fresh air is a must. Your California backyard can easily become an outdoor oasis with all the features and amenities that are available.

Enhancement of your personal style. Like your indoor space, designing your outdoor living space is an opportunity to enhance your personal style. Use color, texture, layout, and design to your advantage to extend your indoor style to the outdoors or create an entirely new aesthetic.

Best Outdoor Kitchens for a California Backyard

One of the most sought-after features for a California backyard is an outdoor kitchen. Like the styles in Arizona, California outdoor kitchen designs have similar requirements and trends. A suitable outdoor kitchen for a California backyard will be durable and require minimal maintenance, all while remaining beautiful and incorporating popular design concepts from around the state.

Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ checks all the boxes for luxury outdoor kitchens that are perfect in any California backyard:

  •   304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry that is made to order in the USA.
  •   A wide range of UV-resistant powder coat color options, including bright colors, neutrals, textures, metallics, and realistic wood grain finishes.
  •   Engineered to house virtually every outdoor appliance on the market.
  •   Handcrafted door styles to suit your aesthetic.
  •   Seemingly endless layout options to give you the freedom to incorporate other outdoor living features in your space.

If you are looking to revamp your California backyard, you have many options for features and amenities. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard in California is a great option if you are seeking to expand your living space and enjoy a convenient outdoor cooking and entertainment area. Most importantly, powder coated stainless steel outdoor cabinetry from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens will turn your backyard “California dreaming” into a luxurious reality!

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