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4 Outdoor Kitchen Wall Ideas

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When planning for your outdoor kitchen, some design considerations are the layout and placement of your cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ gives you the design freedom to situate your outdoor kitchen against a wall or away from a wall and have a clean, finished look on all sides. With seemingly endless layout options and a variety of powder coat finishes, your outdoor kitchen cabinets will easily complement your outdoor kitchen wall material and style.

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Material & Style of Your Outside Kitchen Wall 

You can effortlessly create an elegant, sophisticated outdoor living space with the material and style of your outdoor kitchen wall. Examples of material options include stone, glass, brick, wood, stainless steel wall cabinets, and tile. Each material can help you achieve the aesthetic that you are seeking. For example, stone, brick, and wood outdoor kitchen walls can create a natural space that blends the indoors with the outside. Glass walls will make your outdoor kitchen space appear larger, blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces, and offer protection from the elements. A tile wall or backsplash provides the opportunity for a variety of design and customization options to express your personal style. Stainless steel cabinets for your outdoor kitchen wall offer both functionality and an attractive design element in your outdoor space.

Outside Kitchen Wall Ideas

The design options for your outdoor kitchen wall depend on the placement of your outdoor kitchen and stainless steel appliances. If you will be placing your outdoor grill against a wall, you will want to make sure your wall is made of non-combustible materials, such as glass, stone, brick, or tile. It is inadvisable to place your outdoor grill against any combustible materials like vinyl or wood siding, as the heat can melt the material or cause it to ignite.

  1. Brick, stone, and cedar. A cedar, brick, or natural stone home will achieve a natural aesthetic in your outdoor space when you place your outdoor kitchen near an outside wall. Just remember to keep grills away from cedar siding! Brick offers a classic, urban look to your outdoor kitchen space and can be painted to create an accent wall. Since natural stone is available in a variety of colors and textures, and cedar can be left bare or painted, you can use your wall as a foundation for the rest of your design aesthetic. Incorporating neutral hues with deep greens and blues and an outdoor fireplace inside your brick or stone wall will enhance the natural look of your space.
  1. Ceramic or porcelain tile. The color options and patterns that are available with tile are seemingly endless! You can create virtually any aesthetic and even create intricate designs and mosaics with a tile wall or backsplash space. Choose bright, fun colored tiles that you can contrast with dark cabinets. Or choose neutral tones throughout for a cohesive design. As a bonus, tile is easy to keep clean in the outdoors. Be mindful that any broken tiles may be difficult to replace if the same option is not available.
  1. Glass. Glass is a sleek, elegant material that pairs well with any aesthetic. Placing your outdoor kitchen inside of a glass Florida/California/Arizona room can easily create a modern look while protecting your backyard kitchen against the elements. Glass walls provide the bonus of letting in natural light and making your space appear larger and more open as well. Choose light colors in your space for an airy, outdoorsy feel or deeper hues for a modern aesthetic.
  1. Powder coated stainless steel wall cabinets. Including wall cabinets in your outdoor kitchen design is a must-have for storage purposes and to make your outdoor kitchen as functional as your indoor kitchen. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of sizes with choices of handles, powder coat colors, and door styles for your outdoor wall cabinets. Cabinets for your outdoor kitchen wall will create the most functional wall space for your outdoor kitchen.

Complement Your Outdoor Wall with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry with powder coat color options that will enhance your outdoor living space and complement your outdoor wall selections. Our powder coat finish colors run the gamut from bright to neutral, metallic, textured, and even realistic wood grain finishes. As such, you have the freedom to complement your wall material and style with the color of your outdoor kitchen. You can even add some outdoor wall decor to add your own personal touches.

Pairing natural wall materials with neutral or earthy hues will set the tone for a cohesive, blended space. For example, our Loden powder coat finish, which is a textured olive green, is a great alternative to taupe or brown for an earthy feel. Our realistic wood grain finishes will also pair perfectly with cedar and brick for a truly transitional space. For a fun, high-contrast space, choose brightly colored tiles for your outdoor wall or backsplash with our black textured Night powder coat finish for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. If an open, clean feel is what you are after, our glossy and bright White Lite powder coat finish will make a great pairing with glass walls in your outdoor space.

Regardless of the placement and aesthetic you are seeking for your backyard kitchen, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has you covered. Our outdoor base cabinets, outdoor sink cabinets, and other kitchen cabinets for the backyard, rooftop or patio are durable and attractive with seemingly endless options for placement and layout. To complete your space, the design and style of your outdoor kitchen wall can be paired with a multitude of our powder coated cabinets to achieve any aesthetic. Whether your outdoor kitchen wall is brick, tile, glass, or includes stainless steel wall cabinets, your outdoor space will be beautiful and functional from all angles.

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