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True to its name, a Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal grill and smoker that is big, green, and egg-shaped. It is a popular addition to outdoor kitchens because it offers precise temperature control, quick heating, and efficient air circulation for even cooking. While incorporating a Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly common, your outdoor kitchen design must take into account factors such as the height, weight, and any smoke produced. If you are seeking to include a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen, choosing a brand like Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ will ensure seamless fit and function in your outdoor kitchen layout.

Benefits of a Big Green Egg

A Big Green Egg is beneficial in your outdoor kitchen because it is versatile and offers tons of cooking opportunities in your outdoor kitchen, such as grilling, baking, slow-cooking, smoking, and stir-frying. It will heat up in minutes and provides plenty of control with cooking temperature, allowing you to choose your desired degree of temperature. It is also capable of reaching a wide range of temperatures. In addition, external temperatures do not affect the structural integrity or the cooking temperature inside the Egg, meaning you can enjoy perfectly prepared food in your Egg for many years to come in your outdoor kitchen.

Including a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen is a great way to revamp your outdoor cooking space. It offers plenty of advantages over traditional outdoor cooking methods like grilling. Smoked food offers a distinct flavor over grilling, and the Big Green Egg allows you to cook meat evenly at a specific temperature and even slow cook large cuts of meat. If you are seeking a beneficial alternative to grilling, a Big Green Egg is sustainable, high quality, and can last a lifetime.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Design for a Big Green Egg

The size of the Big Green Egg means that it should be effectively incorporated into your outdoor kitchen layout based on its size and weight. The Big Green Egg is undoubtedly heavy, weighing in at several hundred pounds. As a result, incorporating it into an outdoor kitchen means your kitchen will need to include a stand or a cabinet that can hold the weight. The best outdoor kitchen design will safely and cleanly accommodate the size of the Egg in your backyard in a functional way.

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Other considerations for including an Egg are the height, function, and smoke production. The Egg is often included near the end of a cabinet run or in a corner to allow for workstation space on both sides. Since the Egg opens from the top, your outdoor kitchen design should allow for sufficient space from above the Egg and clearance behind it for opening the top fully. While outdoor cooking appliances can operate in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces, consult local laws and codes for smoke production and fire safety when including a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen. You want to make sure it’s a safe addition to your backyard or patio to avoid any potential fire dangers.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the Best Option for Your Big Green Egg

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel cabinetry using 304 or 316 (marine) grade stainless steel. Our cabinetry is designed and engineered to remain durable in the outdoors under extreme weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance when powder coated in one of our available finishes. The durability and structural integrity of our stainless steel cabinetry means that it will hold its shape and strength under the weight of the Big Green Egg, and our powder coat options will allow you to customize your outdoor kitchen cabinetry to suit the aesthetic of your outdoor living space.

Our cabinetry is available in a variety of types, including appliance cabinets that are designed to hold virtually every outdoor cooking appliance. From grill cabinets to ceramic smoker cabinets that are designed to hold and support the weight of the Big Green Egg, we can accommodate nearly every outdoor appliance requirement.

Our cabinets are also available in hundreds of sizes, including fillers, trim kits, and back and end panels that are engineered to give your outdoor kitchen a clean, finished look. In addition, our seemingly endless configurations will give you the freedom to house your Big Green Egg anywhere in your outdoor kitchen layout. As a result, you can feel confident that your Big Green Egg will seamlessly fit into your outdoor kitchen design and be both functional and attractive in your outdoor living space.

A Big Green Egg is a great alternative to traditional outdoor grills and other outdoor cooking appliances. You will have precise control over grilling, smoking, slow-cooking, and more in a Big Green Egg, allowing you to cook delicious food in your outdoor kitchen all year round. Choosing Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ for your outdoor kitchen will give you the confidence that our durable stainless steel cabinetry will not only fully support the size and function of your Big Green Egg, it will also support your cooking and entertaining lifestyle.

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