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5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Creating an attractive and fully functional outdoor living space is an investment in the value of your home. Any outdoor space can easily be transformed into a backyard entertainment center, complete with amenities such as patio furniture, a kitchen, living room, fireplace, and a bar. Combined with lighting, accessories, and a color scheme, your backyard living area can be a focal point of your unique style and vision. From powder coat colors on your outdoor kitchen cabinets, to potted plants and lighting, you can easily enhance your unique style and create cohesion between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Consider these 5 outdoor living space ideas in order to maximize the concept of bringing the indoors to the outside.

  1. Design an Outdoor Kitchen. Designing an outdoor kitchen as the focal point for your space is the perfect way to extend indoor living to the outdoors. For a luxurious feel, the stainless steel cabinets from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are the best choice for your kitchen, as they are functional and durable with plenty of customization options. This line of cabinetry – with hundreds of sizes in many styles – can be designed to fit in any space and accommodate virtually any outdoor appliance. For added beauty and ease of maintenance, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a rich color palette and realistic woodgrain powder coat finishes for your kitchen cabinets, making this line of cabinetry essential for your outdoor kitchen.

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Before choosing your design, consider the multiple benefits of having an outdoor kitchen.

  1. Decide Your Overall Yard Design Scheme. When it comes to outdoor design, it’s important to treat your outdoor living space as an extension of your home. Consider if you want your area to have a beautiful contemporary look or a rustic, cozy While some opt for classic black wood and other neutrals for their outdoor kitchen finish, others prefer bold pops of color or shiny metallics. Choose a palette, as well as materials and textures, that reflect your style and complement the overall scheme of the space.

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  1. Outdoor Seating. Providing a seating  options in your outdoor space is crucial for entertainment. Use barstools in your kitchen for a casual setting or add a table and chairs for formal seating. Either way, furniture will result is an intimate place for dining, drinking, and talking with friends and family. Seat cushions and pillows can be decorative and should match your color palette. A seating area not only provides a place to relax and enjoy your outdoor living room with your guests and it gives you the opportunity to continue your personal idesign touches and color.
  1. Outdoor Firepit or Fireplace. One way to enhance the comfort of your space is the addition of an outdoor firepit or fireplace. The design and materials of your firepit or fireplace can really highlight other design elements and complement your space. For example, choose sleek and neutral stone for a more modern look or brick for a classic look. Regardless of the material you choose, a fire in your space is sure to provide a cozy inviting ambiance with both warmth and light.
  1. Incorporate Accessories and Lighting. Along with the use of space, consider color and décor to blend the indoors and outdoors together. Outdoor lighting and other accessories, such as pillows and rugs, can completely transform the look of your outdoor living area. These simple additions will make you feel more at home in the outdoors by incorporating elements that are typically found inside. Most importantly, you’ll want to choose accessories that are both weather-resistant and stylish to suit your style.

At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, our goal is to inspire you with these ideas for outdoor living spaces so that decorating and creating your ideal backyard comes easily. Your guests will surely be impressed!

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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