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Things to Consider When Designing a Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

As highlighted in the 2020 State of the Industry Outdoor Living Report from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the majority of designers are noticing a rising interest in outdoor living spaces. More specifically, homeowners are frequently opting for a contemporary aesthetic for their outdoor kitchen designs. A contemporary outdoor kitchen can be achieved by focusing on the cohesion of color, texture, layout, and lighting, and how they complement one another to create a modern and fresh space.

Contemporary Design Features

Here are features and things to consider in order to create the perfect contemporary look for your outdoor kitchen:

Color Palette

One of the most important elements of any design is the color palette, as it reflects your personal style and highlights the feel of the space. A contemporary color palette is defined by black, white, and other soft neutrals, such as grey and beige. The powder coat colors from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens perfectly exemplify a modern appeal, offering a neutral and modern palette in shades of black, white, silver, and brown in various textures and metallics. The color combination adds to the backyard kitchen by giving it a clean and elegant look.

Textures and Materials

Matte finishes paired with stainless steel appliances and cabinets will provide a striking contrast. The stainless steel cabinetry and door styles offered by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are the best choice for this purpose. For instance, choosing bare stainless center panels and inserts in your powder coated Key West and Palm Beach cabinet door style allows you to create this look. Even better, powder coating your stainless steel cabinets or panels in the Platinum shade will give you the look of stainless steel while adding protection. Neutral and sleek stone countertops will also provide a modern appeal. Although Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens does not distribute countertops, there are plenty of materials and colors to suit this style.

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Designing an open layout is essential for a modern feel. An open design is becoming increasingly popular for kitchens. This simple outdoor kitchen idea lets in more natural light, thus making your area appear larger and cleaner. Designing a kitchen for the outdoors is the best way to achieve an open concept, as you can leave your space as open to the elements as you would like, with the peace of mind that your powder coated cabinets will be protected. For all your layout needs, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinetry available in hundreds of sizes with dozens of styles, allowing for plenty of customization possibilities to fit any area.

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Sharp edges and clean lines are key for a contemporary outdoor kitchen. The Hampton door style, which is a stainless steel slab, is perfect for a clean, sharp, and sleek look. Consider how you can mirror these clean lines with various elements in your kitchen, such as the Contemporary pull from Sun Valley Bronze. Each feature that adheres to these shapes and designs will enhance the feel of your contemporary kitchen design.


Soft, low lighting offers a cozy ambiance that is vital to any outdoor kitchen with a contemporary design. Plenty of outdoor lighting options are available, such as fire tables, string lights, and lanterns with modern designs. Try pairing your lighting with a metallic or textured powder coat color, such as Night (textured black) or Titanium (silvery beige metallic) for added depth and dimension, essential for modernity and elegance in your contemporary outdoor kitchen.

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We hope you find these contemporary outdoor kitchen ideas helpful when creating your new outdoor space. We provide the best outdoor kitchen cabinets to complete your modern outdoor backyard or patio. Ready to take your indoor kitchen to the outdoors? For more outdoor kitchen design assistance, contact our expert design team today to learn more about transforming your backyard or patio into a luxury outdoor entertaining area.

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