Outdoor Kitchen Island Advantages

An island layout is one of the most common outdoor kitchen designs for the patio or backyard. Hailed for its versatility in creating an entertainment hub whether it be poolside, rooftop or in a backyard, it allows guests to gather around on multiple sides to socialize and watch the chef perform culinary magic. Islands also offer the option to create a subtle division of the cooking and outdoor entertaining areas with a simple addition of a raised countertop. In this way, the chef’s work flow continues while still being a part of the activities while cooking outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

We’ve come up with a list of advantages of having an outdoor kitchen island:

  1. Design Flexibility – No back wall? No problem! An island layout doesn’t require a wall for stability, it’s a simple, free-standing cabinetry unit that consists of one or more cabinets for the outdoor space.
  2. Space for add ons – adding a sink to aid in easy clean-up as well as counter space and seating for socializing expand the entertaining area.
  3. Control Traffic Flow – guests still interact with the chef without interrupting work flow
  4. Create Additional Space – adding a countertop with an overhang creates seating and additional work and food preparation space
  5. Provides Additional Storage – adding cabinets on the back side provides additional storage space and increases the prep area
  6. Gathering Outdoor Living Space – this layout style creates a natural gathering space for guests without disrupting the work flow of the chef. They offer a fun and practical way to entertain family, friends and guests.
  7. Increases engagement – eliminates having one’s back to guests or swimmers since the chef is not facing the wall or back to guests. It can be the center of your outdoor entertainment space.
  8. Increases the value of your home – according to Zillow, outdoor kitchens sell for nearly 30 % more than expected with design styles helping to impact the final sale price. Related blog – Are outdoor kitchens worth the investment?
  9. Design with a purpose – well-placed appliances allow guests to help themselves by accessing the refrigerator or wine cooler without disrupting the chef’s work flow.
  10. Eliminate appliances – with an island layout, outdoor kitchens that are not located under a roof can forego an exhaust fan


Outdoor Kitchen Island Image

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Discussing the selection and placement of the cabinets and add-on appliances to maximize work flow, boost aesthetics and elevate client satisfaction is encouraged. “Working with a designer to gain insight on the best outdoor kitchen layout to suit the end user’s needs is important,” says Victoria Currier, Sales and Design, for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. “Once you understand what the user envisions, the layout can be created to not only meet these expectations but to enhance the overall outdoor living experience.” Outdoor kitchen design is taken to a whole other level with the addition of an island.

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