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Design an Outdoor Kitchen with an Island BBQ

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One of the most popular outdoor kitchen setups is to include an island, as it offers abundant counter space to prep, cook, and entertain. Including an island BBQ into your design is especially valuable for smaller outdoor spaces because it allows you to easily add extra space without increasing the length of your cabinetry run.  

Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ strives to constantly innovate to shifting trends in the outdoor living market. Far from the stucco islands of the past, our powder coated stainless steel cabinetry gives you the freedom to include an island BBQ in your design with a beautiful, finished look on all sides. Best of all, we offer a variety of solutions to your island BBQ needs and overall outdoor cooking space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with an Island BBQ

An outdoor kitchen design with an island offers value because of the convenience when prepping, cooking, and socializing. An island offers plenty of workspace on both sides of your cooking appliance, giving you ample room for food prep. For an all-in-one functional space, include other amenities in your island, like a sink, fridge, and storage.

This setup also provides enhanced social and entertainment value. By taking advantage of features like bar seating and an outdoor bartending station, you and your guests can easily socialize while dinner is being prepared and cooked.

Island BBQ Solutions with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, our 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry is available in 3” increments to create a variety of island BBQ solutions. You can choose from 60 different powder coat colors for reduced maintenance and added beauty, as well as a selection of door styles and handles. We offer traditional cabinetry boxes, modular kitchens, and our innovative Post and Panel (PPS) skeletal system – each of which can offer solutions for your BBQ island requirements.

To experience truly versatile outdoor cooking, our appliance cabinetry can house virtually every outdoor rated appliance on the market. It can also accommodate appliances and amenities like a sink, trash, fridge, and more to create a fully functional island BBQ.

For a beautiful and seamless island application, finish the ends and sides of your cabinetry with powder coated panels. In addition, we offer extended back panels to accommodate bar seating for your entertaining space.

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Traditional Cabinetry

Most consumers who desire an outdoor kitchen are looking for traditional cabinetry that mirror the function and style of indoor kitchens. As an innovator of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, we continue to engineer our cabinetry to fulfill this need. To that end, everything from our stainless steel cabinetry boxes to our door styles are reflective of your indoor kitchen but with durability in all types of weather conditions.

We offer a wide selection of cabinetry types, like base, sink, appliance, and wall cabinets. Each type of cabinet serves a purpose to the function and convenience of your outdoor kitchen. If you are seeking to include an island in your outdoor kitchen design, our traditional cabinetry boxes are an excellent option to supplement the rest of your kitchen design or as a freestanding solution.

ELEMENTS Collection

If you are looking for a contemporary and modular outdoor kitchen, our ELEMENTS collection is a great solution. ELEMENTS was created in collaboration with international architect and designer, Daniel Germani, as a response to the growing trends in modern outdoor kitchen designs.

ELEMENTS features cabinet boxes that sit on a unique frame and are finished on all sides. This collection includes features like optional pass-through cabinets and full-height door fronts and integrated handles. These features mean it is equally at home as an island or up against a wall.

Post and Panel System (PPS)

Our Post and Panel System (PPS) is an innovative solution to the increasing need for multi-family applications in the outdoors. This system is especially useful when storage is not needed. It features a skeletal frame with panels that are applied on all four sides of a cabinetry run or island.

PPS is often used for a free-standing island BBQ in shared amenity spaces. It is appealing for its streamlined design and panels that can be easily removed and replaced.

An island is a versatile and functional addition to your outdoor kitchen, making it a popular setup for all types of outdoor spaces. It adds convenient workspace next to your cooking appliance and offers entertainment value with bar seating. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of island solutions to meet any of your outdoor cooking and entertaining requirements.

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