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Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Grilling Station

Outdoor kitchens can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit virtually every location. Even if your outdoor area is restricted in size, you can easily design a functional outdoor kitchen. A small outdoor kitchen can include the necessities for cooking and entertaining and still seamlessly fit your space.

A small outdoor kitchen area is 10 or less feet of cabinetry in an L shape or straight run. Small outdoor kitchens usually function as grilling or bartending stations. Due to size restrictions, they include only the essentials for outdoor cooking and food prep (grill, sink, trash, storage space).

In this article, we explore a grilling station as a popular small outdoor kitchen idea. With Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, you will discover everything you need to design a stainless steel grilling and prep station. Our options for layout, sizes, colors, and cabinetry offer a variety of solutions for a backyard, patio, or balcony.

Outdoor Grilling Station Ideas

Outdoor grilling stations are often found in spaces that are limited in size, such as balconies. They are a great solution if you require a simple and convenient cooking area for a small space. When designing your grilling station, you should keep certain considerations in mind, like placement, cabinetry style, color options, appliances, and amenities.


When deciding on placement for your grilling station, you should keep function, convenience, and safety in mind. For example, it is not advisable to place a grill area against vinyl or wood siding. Proper ventilation is also important in partially or fully enclosed spaces. Consider local codes and laws, as well as personal considerations, in terms of the most convenient place for your outdoor kitchen.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel cabinetry in hundreds of sizes in 3” increments. Your grilling station has the option for finished back and end panels for a 360 degree finished look. With seemingly endless configurations, you have the design freedom to place your grilling station virtually anywhere.

Cabinetry Styles

While style is important in any outdoor kitchen, it can be especially vital in small spaces. For a small grilling station, your choice of door style should enhance the simplicity of your aesthetic. Sleek styles and clean lines are best in small spaces to avoid a messy look.

We offer both traditional cabinetry door styles and modern collections like ELEMENTS, created by architect and designer Daniel Germani. ELEMENTS is a modular collection that is popular for balcony settings and grilling stations. It includes popular features for these applications, such as sleek full height door fronts, pass-through cabinets, and integrated handles.

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Color Options

Light colors, metallics, textures, and glossy finishes are great options when you have size constraints. When space limitations are present, these color options can make the space appear larger and less restricted. Although bare stainless steel will have the same effect, we do recommend powder coat to reduce maintenance.

Our selection of powder coat finishes includes a variety of white hues in glossy and satin finishes, metallics, and textures. Colors like White Lite, White Silk, Champagne 304, Plata Focaris 62, and Versailles will reflect light and highlight your design.

Cooking Appliances

A grilling station would not be complete without a grill or other stainless steel appliances. Since grills are available in a multitude of sizes, a common assumption is that the largest grill is necessary. However, you should consider the size that would work best for your needs to avoid wasted space.

ELEMENTS is a popular choice for grilling stations, especially in conjunction with a “social grill” like the Rockwell by Caliber. Social grills are ideal for smaller areas, as the fully retractable lid allows for easier interactions between the chef and guests.

ELEMENTS in “Chili” powder coat with a Rockwell by Caliber social grill

Although we do not manufacture appliances, our cabinetry will house virtually any cooking appliance on the market. Our cabinets will even support the weight of pizza ovens. We manufacture custom trim kits to provide a seamless fit for your grill as well.


Besides for a cooking appliance, a small grilling station should include storage. You can also include wall cabinets for additional storage. For a more functional space, you can add other amenities too. Common additions include a sink and trash, which offer indoor conveniences and comforts to your outdoor space.

We manufacture both sink cabinets and trash cabinets for the amenities that you require in your grilling station. Trash cabinets have an optional extra drawer, which is an easy way to add storage and organization to your space. Wall cabinets increase your storage without adding to your cabinetry run.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

When designing a small grilling station, you will want design flexibility to ensure that it suits your needs and your space. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel cabinetry in both 304 and 316 (marine) grades. We offer a variety of cabinetry types (base, wall, grill, sink, trash, and more) to enhance your design.

Our kitchens are beautiful, durable, and require minimal maintenance. They can be customized with powder coat colors, door styles, and handles. For the most functional outdoor cooking station, include a grill or other cooking appliance, sink, trash, and plenty of storage.

Our cabinetry is engineered with a variety of door and drawer configurations for storage and organization. You can keep grilling tools, dinnerware, and silverware neatly tucked away for a clean and organized grilling station.

If you have limited space for an outdoor kitchen, consider a stainless steel grilling station. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of cabinetry types, sizes, colors, and styles to get you started on your project. Our design options will help you create a small outdoor kitchen to fulfill your outdoor cooking requirements. For the best investment, our powder coated stainless steel cabinetry brings both durability and elegance to your backyard, patio, or balcony.

Are you interested in small outdoor grilling station ideas? Browse our Gallery for inspiring projects!

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