The L-shaped kitchen is a standard design for many indoor kitchens. Hailed for its ergonomic benefits, it is a sensible and popular choice. And its versatility makes it ideal for entertainment spaces including outdoor kitchens. This outdoor kitchen layout offers a significant amount of counter space for food preparation and outdoor cooking without taking up a lot of room making it the perfect choice for any size backyard or patio.

L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

What makes the L-shaped kitchen design so efficient is that it facilitates a sensible work triangle for the cook. This includes easy access to the food preparation, cleanup and cooking areas and elements of the kitchen providing a simple and effective workspace while still allowing interaction with guests.

Since guests like to be near the cook – who may be doing double duty as the host – adding additional counter space such as a bar top with seating, allows them to remain near the action and, at the same time, reduce foot traffic, helping the cook to stay on task. A cocktail bar or an outdoor kitchen island are also options that can be added. These can be installed along right-angled walls and opens the center area up.

Appliances such as a grill, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink, cabinetry for storage even a wine chiller or kegerator can also be added. Wall cabinets can help to maximize storage space and blend well with the aesthetics.

In addition to a backyard or patio, rooftop living spaces can also easily accommodate an L-shaped outdoor kitchen. The functionality of a traditional L-shaped kitchen design with a grill, built-in sink and matching wall cabinets maximize space creating a communal setting.

Some advantages of the L-shaped kitchen include:

  • perfect for corner space
  • suitable for small and medium kitchen areas
  • benchtops and cabinets can be adjusted to length
  • easy working triangle
  • perfect for open plan designs
  • easy access by cook

As always, it is helpful to consult with an outdoor kitchen designer who will work within the outdoor living space and its amenities such as a pool house, deck or patio structure. The emphasis is on the work triangle created within the outdoor space and, even if you’re not making significant structural changes outdoors with a full renovation, you can enhance the layout with the right amount of stainless steel cabinetry.

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