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Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Features

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Material, color, and layout are important considerations for your outdoor kitchen design. For the best value, we recommend powder coated stainless steel as the most durable material for outdoor applications.

Your outdoor kitchen layout depends largely on the size and shape of your area, as well as cooking and entertainment needs. When your design includes appliances and other features, you can easily add function and convenience to your living space.

By choosing a brand like Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™, you will have the freedom to incorporate must-have outdoor living amenities. Our offerings make it a breeze to create your dream stainless steel outdoor kitchen with all the options you desire.

Appliances and Features: Must-Haves for Any Outdoor Space

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An outdoor kitchen is a significant investment that you will want to last for years to come. For the long-term value of your design, consider must-have appliances and features. These appliances and features include everything from a grill in your outdoor kitchen to a pool adjacent to your cooking space.

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Cooking Appliances

A cooking space would not be complete without a cooking appliance. Outdoor kitchen grills tend to be the most popular choice for their flexibility and variety of sizes. Our grill cabinets can house almost every grill, with custom trim kits and storage space that is ideal for gas grills.

Other common cooking appliances include smokers, power burners, and even pizza ovens. Like for grills, we manufacture a line of appliance cabinetry. Our appliance cabinetry is set apart from other brands because it can safely accommodate cooking appliances that weigh several hundred pounds.

Fridge, Sink, and Trash

Since our outdoor kitchens are designed to mirror the function of indoor kitchens, we recognize the value of convenient accessories. For cooking and entertainment value, outdoor refrigeration is an absolute must. Choose from a variety of fridge designs, including fridges with powder coated panels that match the rest of your kitchen.

As with indoor kitchens, an outdoor kitchen sink is a popular addition for prepping meals and cleaning up after a meal. Our outdoor sink cabinets are an investment in the convenience of your space.

While easily overlooked as an asset, having a trash cabinet in your outdoor kitchen is valuable for keeping your workspace tidy. With our trash cabinets, you have the option for one or two receptacles, with or without an added drawer.


At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, we are no stranger to storage. Our traditional base cabinets, wall cabinets, and islands are perfect solutions for all your storage needs. You can choose from different door and drawer configurations for plenty of storage and organization. For hidden storage behind sleek, full-height fronts, explore the nested drawers in our TECNO and ELEMENTS collections.

Bartending Center

Outdoor spaces are not always about cooking. Entertainment is a highly valuable benefit to any backyard, rooftop, or patio. A bartending center is a coveted addition to your entertainment setup. We offer bartending station cabinets to include amenities like ice makers, wine coolers, fridges, and kegerators.

Seating Area

For a complete outdoor living experience, consider a seating area in the form of a dining table or bar seating. Seating areas are great opportunities to encourage social interactions by sitting down for dinner and drinks with your guests.

We offer applications for raised bar seating and extended countertop support for counter height seating. With our seemingly endless configurations, you have the freedom to create a cohesive living area with adjacent seating.


Outdoor lighting can make your space more functional all year. A multitude of styles are available for all price points. If your outdoor kitchen has a structural covering, like a gazebo, consider recessed lighting for a contemporary look. You can even include an outdoor fireplace for added warmth or landscape lighting for a beautiful ambience.

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To complete your oasis, consider installing an outdoor kitchen near your pool. An outdoor kitchen with a pool is the ultimate setup for backyard parties. Best of all, our cabinetry options make the design possibilities almost limitless.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

  • Durable 304 and 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry in 3” increments
  • Seemingly endless layout configurations to easily incorporate features like a pool and seating
  • A multitude of cabinetry types – base, sink, grill, appliance, and more
  • A variety of powder coat finishes to add beauty and reduce maintenance
  • Storage capabilities for all your tools and accessories

With a brand like Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, including all your must-have appliances and accessories is simple. Our selection of cabinetry types gives you the design freedom to create a functional and durable outdoor kitchen. Consider must-have features like a grill, storage, sink, trash, and lighting for a comprehensive and convenient outdoor living space.

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