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Design Inspiration: Outdoor Kitchen Color and Door Style

“Pompeiian Gold” in the Hampton door style.
Project by Hartert-Russell.

Color and style are great opportunities to enhance personal tastes and transform your living space. Kitchens are an especially fun space to experiment with interior design. When used properly, color can make a small kitchen appear larger or turn your kitchen into a bold focal point.

Like indoor kitchens, colors and door styles are two defining features of outdoor kitchen design. While wood interior kitchens offer plenty of design possibilities, we recommend stainless steel for your outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel can be powder coated in any color, making it an asset to your space.

By choosing a brand like Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™, you will have access to the most colors and door styles on the market. Your stainless steel outdoor kitchen will be on par with the most luxurious indoor kitchens.

Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the leading manufacturer of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel outdoor cabinetry. We engineer our product to mirror the beauty and functionality of indoor kitchens with best-in-class outdoor durability. 

Our cabinetry accommodates almost every outdoor grill and appliance with seamless fit and finish. With seemingly endless configurations and hundreds of sizes, you have the design freedom to create any outdoor kitchen.

For weather resistance and a tactile feel, we equip our cabinetry with gaskets, magnets, and soft-close/self-close. We tailor your kitchen to your signature style, making every kitchen to order in our Connecticut factory. We will fabricate, powder coat, and assemble your cabinetry with the finest attention to detail.

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Door Styles

Homeowners and professionals alike continue to choose us for the quality of our cabinetry. We use high-quality stainless steel doors and drawers for a product that is unmatched in the market.

We craft our doors from individual powder coated pieces that are hand-assembled. This technique ensures flawless powder coat finishes every time. We offer a variety of outdoor kitchen door styles to capture any aesthetic in your outdoor living space.

Discover our popular door styles below:

Hampton is a sleek, solid panel.

Key West honors the classic Shaker style with stiles and rails.

Venice is a solid panel with a thin reveal.

Louver is a Shaker style with an interior composed of individual louvers.

Beadboard is a Shaker style with an interior composed of 1 and 1/2” stainless steel panels.

TECNO is a modern design with an integrated handle.

Sea Glass is a Shaker style with a frosted glass interior that is available in three color options.

Powder Coat Colors

At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, we recognize that color is vital to your design journey. Our palette of award-winning powder coat colors runs the gamut from bright and bold to neutral and subdued. Our in-house designers can assist you with choosing the perfect shade to complement your space.

Bright and Bold

We offer an array of bright finishes to create a bold, head-turning outdoor kitchen area. You can easily create an accent kitchen island or a small run of cabinetry from this color family. Finishes like Chili (red), Autumn (yellow), Clementine (orange), and Sea Spray (turquoise) are sure to be a conversation starter!

Moody Blues and Nature-Inspired Hues

Blue and other nature-inspired colors are consistently trending in both interior and exterior design. Blues are a staple in our color palette: Sapphire, Pearl Night Blue, Military Blue, Interstate Blue, and Chromica Baltic.

For other nature-inspired hues, like greens and browns, consider Chromica Feroe, Carlsbad Canyon, Pompeiian Gold, and Loden.

Neutral and Subdued

Ever popular, neutral hues provide a calming effect to your space. They also pair well with a variety of other colors, including the bold finishes mentioned above. Grey and beige are the core of our offerings: explore Sandstone, Pearl Dark Grey, Winter Sky, Ash Grey, Truffle, and Slate.

Black and White

Always in style, black and white provide the perfect foundation for the rest of your outdoor living space. Black and white are versatile, complementing both neutrals and bright shades.

We recommend Night for a textured black, and Jet Black or Midnight Matte for a true black. For shades in the white family, browse Seashell White, White Silk, and Dove.


Metallics enhance the visual appeal of our cabinetry. Champagne 302 and Champagne 304 are two popular options for neutral metallics. Mermaid is one of our newest shades, adding a splash of light grey-green with silver shimmer.

Anthracite Metallic, Neptune Bronze Metallic, and Metallic Bronze Matte are other options for dark neutral metallics. For the look of stainless steel in a powder coat finish, consider Plata 62.

Wood Grains

To mimic the look and feel of interior kitchens with a touch of outdoor inspiration, our wood grains are a unique choice. Our wood grain collection is an array of powder coat finishes that offer the look of real wood in a variety of shades. Explore finishes like Teak, White-Washed Wood, Drift, and Walnut.

When Style Meets Color

We understand that having plenty of color and design options is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming! To get started, visit our Door Styles page to see different color and style combinations. You can also browse our Gallery for inspiration, and our in-house designers can help you visualize your design.

To decide on color and door style, consider factors like your interior décor and the size of your kitchen and outdoor space. Some people extend their color palette to the outdoors, while others view their outdoor space as an opportunity for a fresh look. You should also determine your personal taste, whether it is modern, classic, rustic, coastal, and so on.

Hampton works well in smaller spaces for a clean and modern look. Choose lighter shades or metallics in a small space to open it up. Dark shades work well in larger spaces, just remember that they absorb more sunlight. You can easily pair Hampton with a bright color for a balcony or as an island to accentuate the rest of your kitchen.

For an indoor kitchen style outdoors, Beadboard and Louver are great options for larger spaces. They add more visual interest than other door styles but may overwhelm a small area. Lighter shades will better accentuate the details on these doors.

Key West and Venice are two of our most popular styles, as they are both universally flattering. You can choose from monotone or two-tone options. Consider contrasting colors for a dynamic result, or complementary colors for a toned-down look.

You can customize TECNO in two colors as well. You can achieve a variety of outcomes with one color for the door front and another for the door back and integrated pull. Contrasting colors are especially striking. Consider a deeper metallic hue paired with a lighter metallic hue for a bold, elegant result.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ color palette brings fresh bright shades, neutrals, metallics, and more. Our door styles are unmatched for craftsmanship and finish. Consider your individual preferences and needs to decide on a color and style for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Our team is ready to assist you with choosing the perfect style and shade.

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