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Choosing a Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Door Style

Interior kitchen cabinet doors have traditionally been made of wood and constructed with a range of styles to suit individual design preferences. As with your indoor living space, the designs that you choose in your outdoor space should reflect your cooking and entertaining lifestyle. Your choice of outdoor kitchen door style can add a touch of modern elegance, traditional style, and sophistication to the outdoors.

To keep pace with interest in outdoor kitchens, innovative outdoor living brands have designed outdoor styles that mirror indoor styles using durable materials. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ offers a variety of stainless steel outdoor kitchen door styles for our traditional cabinetry, as well as modern collections with sleek door fronts and integrated handles.

Door Styles for Traditional Cabinetry

As an innovator of stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens understands the importance of customizing the design of your space. To that end, we offer a variety of door styles and handles for our cabinetry.

Our door styles are manufactured from individual pieces that are powder coated before assembly, ensuring a clean finish. From a sleek, flat panel to intricate, handcrafted designs, any of our stainless steel door styles that you choose can give your outdoor kitchen a signature look. The following door styles are among our most popular selections:


This flat slab door is standard on all our cabinetry. It offers a streamlined, modern look to your outdoor kitchen.

Key West

Our classic Shaker style door with stiles and rails is one of our most popular styles. This style offers a truly timeless look.


Venice is best defined as a modern reflection of a classic style. It is a take on the Shaker style with a thin reveal.

Louver and Beadboard

These two door styles boast a fine attention to detail. They offer an extra touch of sophistication to your space.

Modern Collections

ELEMENTS in “Chili” powder coat

Besides for our traditional cabinetry, we offer two modern collections that we created in collaboration with architect and designer, Daniel Germani: TECNO and ELEMENTS. Both collections feature nested, soft-close drawers; sleek, full-height door fronts; and integrated handles. Each collection can be powder coated in any of our standard finishes. ELEMENTS has the option for multiple colors on the interior, on the handles, and more.

TECNO is a frameless design that pioneered the nested drawer and integrated handle applications. It can accommodate a variety of appliances and amenities, with multiple options for configurations.

ELEMENTS takes a modular and free-standing approach, with a frame and design that is unique to this collection. It is equally functional as an island application or up against a wall. It can offer pass-through cabinets for access from both sides and cabinetry that is suitable for storage and housing appliances.

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Choosing a Door Style

When deciding on your outdoor kitchen design, consider your needs for the space. Your layout, door style, and powder coat selections are great opportunities to reflect your cooking and entertaining lifestyle.

Your selection of door style will depend on factors like your aesthetic, the size of your space, and your lifestyle. The door style can enhance your overall outdoor living design or make your cabinetry a standalone piece in your space.

Our Hampton and Venice door styles, as well as either of our modern collections, are the best choices for an elegant aesthetic. Pair any of these contemporary styles with neutral hue for a classy space or a bold hue for a fun, eclectic space.

The Beadboard and Louver are popular styles in coastal applications, especially paired with whites, blues, and light neutrals. They also offer a touch of sophistication to outdoor living spaces when coupled with rich, deep hues. TECNO and ELEMENTS are especially suitable for outdoor kitchens near the water as well, since the powder coated, integrated handles reduce maintenance.

The Key West is our most versatile door, because it beautiful and functional in virtually every space. It can be tailored to suit a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. Depending on the powder coat color that you choose, this door can enhance any aesthetic.

In smaller spaces, light colors and metallics can make the area appear larger, while large spaces are extremely versatile with style and finish. With over 60 finishes available, you can design an outdoor kitchen that truly reflects your individual taste.

If you’re uncertain about the color and door style that will work the best in your space, our in-house designers can provide drawings of potential layouts. For more inspiration, our outdoor kitchen gallery highlights a variety of styles, colors, and layouts to help you design your own signature outdoor kitchen.

The door style that you choose is an important feature for the design of your outdoor kitchen. Consider the size of your space, the layout, and the aesthetic to determine the best style. Choose a powder coat finish that complements your aesthetic, and you will have an outdoor kitchen design that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

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Brick Outdoor Kitchen vs. Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Nissequogue, NY

For your next outdoor kitchen project, you will want to consider an attractive and long-lasting material for your cabinetry. Traditionally, materials like brick and stone were commonly used because they are inexpensive, and they are durable in the outdoor space. However, modern solutions have introduced superior materials, like stainless steel, that remain durable over time and require less upkeep.

When choosing the cabinetry material for your next outdoor kitchen project, consider the pros and cons of common materials. In this article, we discuss brick and stainless steel for outdoor kitchens. The stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ is the best choice for creating luxury outdoor kitchens.

Brick Outdoor Kitchens

Brick has been a popular choice for built-in outdoor kitchens because it is inexpensive, fire resistant, and easily customized. Bricks are very porous, however, meaning they are difficult to clean when liquids are spilled during cooking. This material can be painted to reduce porosity, but exposure to the outdoors will mean periodic repainting.

Working with brick also requires professionals, meaning a contractor on site for weeks. If a brick outdoor kitchen project includes appliances, the bricks may have to be cut to house them. Since bricks are prone to cracking and breaking, this material will require replacement and additional time and cost for maintenance. Based on these considerations, brick is not the most suitable material if you are seeking a luxury outdoor kitchen design.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchens

Nissequogue, NY

Stainless steel is nonporous, durable, and it will maintain its integrity in the outdoors without cracking or warping. The major drawback is that it is susceptible to rust, stains, and scratches in the outdoor environment without proper maintenance. However, steps can be taken to virtually eliminate these risks. Some proper measures include application of a powder coat finish and keeping components clean and dry with regular maintenance.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures cabinetry using 304 stainless steel or 316 (marine). Our cabinet boxes, as well as doors and drawers, are all manufactured with this material. Powder coating simplifies maintenance and adds an attractive finish to our cabinetry.

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Why is Stainless Steel the Best Material for Outdoor Applications?

When choosing the best material for the outdoors, using stainless steel will offer a better return on investment than using brick. While brick is inexpensive, stainless steel is more durable and requires less maintenance and cost over time. It also allows for popular features like different door styles to customize the look of your outdoor space.

Powder coat reduces maintenance and offers a beautiful and vibrant finish to outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Stainless steel cabinetry is easier to install and takes less time than brick laying as well. Choosing a stainless steel outdoor kitchen manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers you:

A variety of materials are suitable for outdoor applications. Materials like brick and stone have been traditionally used for outdoor kitchen projects. Stainless steel is a modern solution for the outdoors because of features like durability, attractiveness, and longevity. Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for a signature powder coated stainless steel outdoor kitchen for your backyard, patio, rooftop, and more.

Learn the benefits of stainless steel by choosing it for your next outdoor project!

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Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

outdoor pizza oven
Nokomis, FL

A traditional pizza oven is a valuable – and sometimes overlooked – asset to your outdoor kitchen setup. They are beneficial not only for cooking homemade pizza, but for cooking any foods that you can smoke, bake, and roast. Pizza ovens heat up quickly and cook efficiently, making for an enjoyable and delicious cooking experience.

While many outdoor kitchen brands cannot accommodate outdoor pizza ovens due to their size and weight, Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ manufactures stainless steel cabinetry that is engineered to safely accommodate a variety of pizza oven models on the countertop. Read on to discover the benefits and design options for a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pizza Oven

Including an authentic pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen offers a range of cooking benefits, aside from baking delicious pizza. Pizza ovens are typically heated with wood or gas, allowing for quick and efficient cooking. Cooking with a wood fired pizza oven is especially beneficial, as it is clean burning and gives your food a distinct smoky flavor. Although pizza ovens are typically utilized to cook homemade pizza, they can also be used to cook meats, roast vegetables, and even bake pies.

From your child’s birthday party to a low-key evening with friends, an outdoor pizza oven can provide a range of social and entertaining benefits. Gather your family or friends in your outdoor living space to make homemade pizzas for a special event or to prepare a delicious dinner on any day of the week. Place your pizza oven onto the countertop of your fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with a bartending station, and the entertainment value of your outdoor space will be seemingly endless.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Pizza Oven

pizza oven

Due to the size and weight of pizza ovens, you will want to be mindful of how to incorporate one into your outdoor kitchen design. They are typically the most functional at the end of a cabinetry run and with a decent amount of workspace on at least one side. Since pizza ovens are multipurpose with their cooking potential, deciding to include one may eliminate the need for other outdoor cooking appliances, which will offer you extra space and versatility in your outdoor kitchen design. Consider other features and amenities that you would like to include as well, such as a bartending station and refrigeration, to complete your outdoor cooking and entertaining space.

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Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

If you are seeking to design a signature outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, look no further than Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens. We offer:

  •   Powder coating for your cabinetry in your choice of over 60 finishes for reduced maintenance in the outdoors.
  •   Cabinetry that is engineered to accommodate even the heaviest pizza ovens (400 lbs. or heavier).
  •   Appliance cabinets that are designed to house virtually every outdoor appliance on the market.
  •   Custom trim kits as well as finished back and end panels for a seamless fit and finish for your cabinets on all sides.
  •   Distribution of a selection of appliances from a handful of manufacturers for one-stop shopping convenience.
  •   Features and amenities to create a complete outdoor living space.
  •   Expert designers who can help you bring your outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven to life.

By choosing Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for your outdoor space, an outdoor pizza oven is no longer off limits due to size and weight. Offering a range of cooking, social, and entertaining benefits, a traditional pizza oven can be effortlessly placed on top of our cabinets with your choice of powder coat color for your cabinets and expert fit and finish. Include a bartending station in your outdoor kitchen setup and you will be well on your way to hosting the ultimate backyard get-togethers with delicious pizza and cocktails!

Ready to get started designing your outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven? Contact us today for more on outdoor kitchen designs with a pizza oven!

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Plastic Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Stainless Steel

Some of the most important factors when deciding on the material of your outdoor kitchen cabinets are durability, attractiveness, longevity, and ease of maintenance. To put it simply, you want to choose beautiful outdoor kitchen cabinet materials that will last a long time in the outdoors, will be easy to care for, and will provide the best return on investment. In this article, we compare two common outdoor kitchen cabinet materials – plastic and stainless steel – and discuss how stainless steel is the best option. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ manufactures 304 and 316 grade stainless steel outdoor kitchens that can be powder coated in a variety of colors, offering you a lifetime of effortless maintenance and sophisticated beauty for your outdoor living space.

Plastic Outdoor Kitchen Design

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and other plastics are common for outdoor furniture because plastic does not rust, corrode, or rot in the outdoors. Plastic is also popular in the outdoors because it is available in many colors and does not need to be painted. Although plastic can be used to construct outdoor kitchens, it has several maintenance considerations and integrity concerns when used outdoors and near heat. With HDPE outdoor cabinets, the color can fade due to sunlight exposure, and environmental changes can cause plastic cabinet boxes to warp and crack so they will no longer function as intended. Since plastic will melt when exposed to heat, plastic grill cabinets will require a stainless steel firebox.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Design

Although stainless steel can rust due to the iron content, the presence of chromium acts as a rust deterrent. The most common grades of stainless steel for outdoor kitchen cabinetry are 304 and 316 (marine) grades, with 316 offering additional corrosion resistance. When exposed to the outdoors, however, bare stainless steel cabinetry needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid rust and stains. A highly recommended option is to add a powder coat finish, which will reduce maintenance to a bare minimum and offer a beautiful, long-lasting finish to your outdoor cabinetry. Stainless steel is highly durable overall, as it will not crack, warp, or dent during typical use in the outdoors, making it ideal for use in outdoor kitchens

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Stainless Steel is the Best Option for Outdoor Kitchens

By comparing plastic with stainless steel, you can easily determine which material is preferable for outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Stainless steel cabinetry is durable and will provide the best return on investment. While plastic is relatively inexpensive, the need for replacement in the outdoors means the costs will add up over time. By contrast, the stainless steel cabinets manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens will maintain structural integrity in the outdoors for the life of your outdoor kitchen area.

Both plastic and powder coated stainless steel cabinets require maintenance in the outdoors, which involves regular cleaning with mild soap and water. While plastic does not need to be painted or repainted, the finish can fade over time when exposed to sunlight. Unlike plastic, the stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can be powder coated with UV resistant finishes that require very limited maintenance, and the color will not lose integrity when exposed to sunlight and the weather.

Stainless steel is the best material for outdoor kitchen cabinets due to its durability, structural integrity in the outdoors, and limited maintenance requirements when powder coated. Choosing stainless steel cabinets over plastic cabinets will provide the best return on investment, giving you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor living space worry-free for years to come.

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Outdoor Kitchen Storage Ideas

storage cabinet
Style: Hampton | Color: Cherry Flame

Outdoor kitchen design has many considerations, from material options, layout, and the functional needs of the outdoor space (e.g., storage, appliance selection). While often not necessary in multifamily projects, outdoor kitchen storage is a top priority for residential outdoor kitchen projects. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ recognizes that the functional needs of each outdoor kitchen project is unique, which is why we offer versatile storage solutions. To that end, our expert designers can help you achieve an outdoor kitchen that has an ideal amount of storage for the needs of the project.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Benefits

Outdoor kitchens, when possible, should be designed to function independently from indoor kitchens. Since storage is vital to the cooking and entertaining functions of your outdoor kitchen, it should be a priority in any residential outdoor kitchen project. Including ample amounts of storage space will give you the freedom to store outdoor cooking and eating utensils and supplies in your outdoor kitchen without the need for heading back inside. 

Storage space solutions are also beneficial because having dedicated space for cooking and eating supplies, as well as trash disposal, will keep your outdoor kitchen clean and organized. In the case of outdoor grill and sink cabinets, doors will provide storage options for inside the cabinets, as well as access to maintenance for plumbing, gas lines, and propane tanks.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Solutions

elements outdoor kitchen

Solutions for outdoor kitchen storage are available in various options. Outdoor cabinets with different configurations can achieve any need that you have for storage. In accordance with the size, layout, and needs of your outdoor space, you can choose different configurations and widths of cabinets with full height doors, doors and drawers, or multiple drawers. You can also choose options for shelves to store items and warming drawers beneath the outdoor grill to store freshly cooked food prior to serving.

Other solutions for an outdoor kitchen with storage include wall cabinets and outdoor kitchen islands. Wall cabinets are excellent for storage of dinnerware and glasses. Outdoor kitchen islands are beneficial for both additional storage and providing a usable workspace for food prep. Islands can accommodate grills and other cooking appliances as well, for added convenience.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures durable 304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry that is both stylish and functional. Our cabinetry can be powder coated in a variety of colors and textures, and we offer a wide selection of door styles and handle styles to complete your aesthetic.

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Our cabinetry is available in hundreds of sizes in 3” increments, with back and end panels for a finished look on all sides. Our base cabinets are available in several configurations, including full height doors, doors and drawers, or multiple drawers. We also manufacture sink and grill cabinets with doors for plumbing and maintenance access, as well as pull-out trash cabinets and wall cabinets. Our appliance cabinets are designed to house virtually every outdoor appliance on the market, with trim kits available for a clean, built-in look for your appliances.

Besides for the standard door, drawer, and shelf combinations, outdoor storage can be achieved with features such as nested outdoor kitchen drawers and pass-through cabinets that can be accessed from both sides of an outdoor kitchen island. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers these innovative solutions for storage and accessibility with our European-inspired TECNO and ELEMENTS collections. Both collections are sleek, modern, and offer plenty of storage solutions to suit your requirements. 

tecno outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen storage is crucial for a functional cooking and entertaining space. Storage offers many benefits, such as eliminating the need to go back inside for supplies. The options for storage include islands, wall cabinets, shelves, and various door/drawer configurations. In recognition of the importance of storage, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers many types of stainless steel cabinetry to complete the beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen that you have always desired!

Get started designing an outdoor kitchen that includes plenty of storage for your outdoor cooking and entertaining needs. Call the outdoor kitchen design experts at Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for a quote!

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Outdoor Kitchen TV Ideas

Project by Q Design Group

With the increasing desire for outdoor living and entertainment spaces, outdoor-rated accessories are also gaining popularity. Including features in your outdoor living space, such as outdoor-rated TVs and outdoor kitchens, are great options to enhance the outdoor entertaining capabilities of your space. In this article, we discuss how the design options available through Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ will give you the freedom to design a beautiful and durable outdoor kitchen along with an outdoor-rated TV.

How to Choose an Outdoor TV

You should choose an outdoor television based on your needs and budget for your outdoor space. Many people opt for a less expensive TV, as it will be cheaper to replace than a costly one. While there are outdoor TVs to fit various budgets, the cost of outdoor TVs is correlated with other factors, such as capability of handling the weather, sunlight exposure, and temperature fluctuations. These factors will also affect where you can place your outdoor TV. For example, some outdoor TVs have a greater range of brightness properties, making them functional even in areas with full sun exposure. More expensive outdoor TVs will have greater flexibility for placement outdoors due to their enhanced resistance to the environment.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a TV

The greatest outdoor living experiences will incorporate every element of entertaining and enjoyment of the space, from socializing with guests around the TV to cooking, eating, and drinking. Designing an outdoor kitchen and including an outdoor TV in your space will provide a complete entertainment package for you and your guests. Installing a TV near your outdoor kitchen or outdoor seating area will offer a relaxing space to cook a meal and catch a game or a movie, giving you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor space in much the same way that you would indoors.

Best Layouts for an Outdoor Kitchen with a TV

outdoor kitchen wit a television

The best outdoor kitchen layouts with an outdoor television will be functional for using both the kitchen and viewing the TV. Determining the function of your outdoor TV in your space will guide the placement of your TV relative to your outdoor kitchen and/or seating area. For instance, do you want your TV to be in a usable location for the chef, or do you want to design a relaxing entertainment area for your guests away from your outdoor kitchen? Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may be able to place your TV in an outdoor dining area for optimal viewing by both the chef and the guests as well.

If your living space includes a separate outdoor living room with seating, you may want to include the TV in your seating area rather than in your outdoor kitchen for a relaxing social atmosphere. If your TV will be included in your backyard kitchen, you will need to be especially mindful of the location, such as placing the TV away from outdoor cooking areas.

You will want to consider factors that will affect viewing of the TV too, such as sunrise, sunset, and if your outdoor space is shaded from the environment. These considerations will be very helpful in determining the best layout for your outdoor kitchen and the best suited outdoor TV model for your space. As always, follow the advice of the manufacturer of your outdoor TV model for best practices on placement to ensure longevity.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, we consider all the design elements of your outdoor living space and how each one comes together to create a cohesive whole. The layout and design possibilities available to you will allow you to incorporate any features and amenities that you desire for your backyard, patio, or rooftop.

Choosing Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for your outdoor kitchen will offer many benefits that will ensure that you have the design freedom to incorporate the outdoor TV of your choosing:

  •   Stainless steel cabinetry that is available in hundreds of sizes, giving you the freedom to design virtually any outdoor kitchen layout that is functional in your space.
  •   Many options for cabinetry types to create virtually any outdoor kitchen design.
  •   Finished side and back panels for a clean look on all sides, allowing you to place your outdoor kitchen away from a wall or other structure if desired.
  •   Seemingly endless configurations, angles, and placement of your outdoor kitchen in your outdoor space.
  •   A variety of powder coat finishes, door styles, and handle designs to create your desired aesthetic for your outdoor TV enclosure.

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor TV in your outdoor living space will enhance the outdoor entertaining capabilities of your space by allowing the chef and/or guests to have a relaxing social atmosphere while outdoor cooking and dining. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a multitude of design options to effortlessly create the perfect outdoor kitchen that will accommodate the best outdoor TV for your space.

Interested in designing an outdoor kitchen with an outdoor TV in your backyard? Call the experts for a quote on your outdoor kitchen project!

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Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Plans

big green egg outdoor kitchen

True to its name, a Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal grill and smoker that is big, green, and egg-shaped. It is a popular addition to outdoor kitchens because it offers precise temperature control, quick heating, and efficient air circulation for even cooking. While incorporating a Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly common, your outdoor kitchen design must take into account factors such as the height, weight, and any smoke produced. If you are seeking to include a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen, choosing a brand like Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ will ensure seamless fit and function in your outdoor kitchen layout.

Benefits of a Big Green Egg

A Big Green Egg is beneficial in your outdoor kitchen because it is versatile and offers tons of cooking opportunities in your outdoor kitchen, such as grilling, baking, slow-cooking, smoking, and stir-frying. It will heat up in minutes and provides plenty of control with cooking temperature, allowing you to choose your desired degree of temperature. It is also capable of reaching a wide range of temperatures. In addition, external temperatures do not affect the structural integrity or the cooking temperature inside the Egg, meaning you can enjoy perfectly prepared food in your Egg for many years to come in your outdoor kitchen.

Including a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen is a great way to revamp your outdoor cooking space. It offers plenty of advantages over traditional outdoor cooking methods like grilling. Smoked food offers a distinct flavor over grilling, and the Big Green Egg allows you to cook meat evenly at a specific temperature and even slow cook large cuts of meat. If you are seeking a beneficial alternative to grilling, a Big Green Egg is sustainable, high quality, and can last a lifetime.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Design for a Big Green Egg

The size of the Big Green Egg means that it should be effectively incorporated into your outdoor kitchen layout based on its size and weight. The Big Green Egg is undoubtedly heavy, weighing in at several hundred pounds. As a result, incorporating it into an outdoor kitchen means your kitchen will need to include a stand or a cabinet that can hold the weight. The best outdoor kitchen design will safely and cleanly accommodate the size of the Egg in your backyard in a functional way.

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Other considerations for including an Egg are the height, function, and smoke production. The Egg is often included near the end of a cabinet run or in a corner to allow for workstation space on both sides. Since the Egg opens from the top, your outdoor kitchen design should allow for sufficient space from above the Egg and clearance behind it for opening the top fully. While outdoor cooking appliances can operate in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces, consult local laws and codes for smoke production and fire safety when including a Big Green Egg in your outdoor kitchen. You want to make sure it’s a safe addition to your backyard or patio to avoid any potential fire dangers.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the Best Option for Your Big Green Egg

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel cabinetry using 304 or 316 (marine) grade stainless steel. Our cabinetry is designed and engineered to remain durable in the outdoors under extreme weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance when powder coated in one of our available finishes. The durability and structural integrity of our stainless steel cabinetry means that it will hold its shape and strength under the weight of the Big Green Egg, and our powder coat options will allow you to customize your outdoor kitchen cabinetry to suit the aesthetic of your outdoor living space.

Our cabinetry is available in a variety of types, including appliance cabinets that are designed to hold virtually every outdoor cooking appliance. From grill cabinets to ceramic smoker cabinets that are designed to hold and support the weight of the Big Green Egg, we can accommodate nearly every outdoor appliance requirement.

Our cabinets are also available in hundreds of sizes, including fillers, trim kits, and back and end panels that are engineered to give your outdoor kitchen a clean, finished look. In addition, our seemingly endless configurations will give you the freedom to house your Big Green Egg anywhere in your outdoor kitchen layout. As a result, you can feel confident that your Big Green Egg will seamlessly fit into your outdoor kitchen design and be both functional and attractive in your outdoor living space.

A Big Green Egg is a great alternative to traditional outdoor grills and other outdoor cooking appliances. You will have precise control over grilling, smoking, slow-cooking, and more in a Big Green Egg, allowing you to cook delicious food in your outdoor kitchen all year round. Choosing Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ for your outdoor kitchen will give you the confidence that our durable stainless steel cabinetry will not only fully support the size and function of your Big Green Egg, it will also support your cooking and entertaining lifestyle.

Ready to get started designing your dream Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen? Call Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchensؚ™ for a quote!

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4 Outdoor Kitchen Wall Ideas

outdoor kitchen wall idea

When planning for your outdoor kitchen, some design considerations are the layout and placement of your cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ gives you the design freedom to situate your outdoor kitchen against a wall or away from a wall and have a clean, finished look on all sides. With seemingly endless layout options and a variety of powder coat finishes, your outdoor kitchen cabinets will easily complement your outdoor kitchen wall material and style.

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Material & Style of Your Outside Kitchen Wall 

You can effortlessly create an elegant, sophisticated outdoor living space with the material and style of your outdoor kitchen wall. Examples of material options include stone, glass, brick, wood, stainless steel wall cabinets, and tile. Each material can help you achieve the aesthetic that you are seeking. For example, stone, brick, and wood outdoor kitchen walls can create a natural space that blends the indoors with the outside. Glass walls will make your outdoor kitchen space appear larger, blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces, and offer protection from the elements. A tile wall or backsplash provides the opportunity for a variety of design and customization options to express your personal style. Stainless steel cabinets for your outdoor kitchen wall offer both functionality and an attractive design element in your outdoor space.

Outside Kitchen Wall Ideas

The design options for your outdoor kitchen wall depend on the placement of your outdoor kitchen and stainless steel appliances. If you will be placing your outdoor grill against a wall, you will want to make sure your wall is made of non-combustible materials, such as glass, stone, brick, or tile. It is inadvisable to place your outdoor grill against any combustible materials like vinyl or wood siding, as the heat can melt the material or cause it to ignite.

  1. Brick, stone, and cedar. A cedar, brick, or natural stone home will achieve a natural aesthetic in your outdoor space when you place your outdoor kitchen near an outside wall. Just remember to keep grills away from cedar siding! Brick offers a classic, urban look to your outdoor kitchen space and can be painted to create an accent wall. Since natural stone is available in a variety of colors and textures, and cedar can be left bare or painted, you can use your wall as a foundation for the rest of your design aesthetic. Incorporating neutral hues with deep greens and blues and an outdoor fireplace inside your brick or stone wall will enhance the natural look of your space.
  1. Ceramic or porcelain tile. The color options and patterns that are available with tile are seemingly endless! You can create virtually any aesthetic and even create intricate designs and mosaics with a tile wall or backsplash space. Choose bright, fun colored tiles that you can contrast with dark cabinets. Or choose neutral tones throughout for a cohesive design. As a bonus, tile is easy to keep clean in the outdoors. Be mindful that any broken tiles may be difficult to replace if the same option is not available.
  1. Glass. Glass is a sleek, elegant material that pairs well with any aesthetic. Placing your outdoor kitchen inside of a glass Florida/California/Arizona room can easily create a modern look while protecting your backyard kitchen against the elements. Glass walls provide the bonus of letting in natural light and making your space appear larger and more open as well. Choose light colors in your space for an airy, outdoorsy feel or deeper hues for a modern aesthetic.
  1. Powder coated stainless steel wall cabinets. Including wall cabinets in your outdoor kitchen design is a must-have for storage purposes and to make your outdoor kitchen as functional as your indoor kitchen. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of sizes with choices of handles, powder coat colors, and door styles for your outdoor wall cabinets. Cabinets for your outdoor kitchen wall will create the most functional wall space for your outdoor kitchen.

Complement Your Outdoor Wall with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry with powder coat color options that will enhance your outdoor living space and complement your outdoor wall selections. Our powder coat finish colors run the gamut from bright to neutral, metallic, textured, and even realistic wood grain finishes. As such, you have the freedom to complement your wall material and style with the color of your outdoor kitchen. You can even add some outdoor wall decor to add your own personal touches.

Pairing natural wall materials with neutral or earthy hues will set the tone for a cohesive, blended space. For example, our Loden powder coat finish, which is a textured olive green, is a great alternative to taupe or brown for an earthy feel. Our realistic wood grain finishes will also pair perfectly with cedar and brick for a truly transitional space. For a fun, high-contrast space, choose brightly colored tiles for your outdoor wall or backsplash with our black textured Night powder coat finish for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. If an open, clean feel is what you are after, our glossy and bright White Lite powder coat finish will make a great pairing with glass walls in your outdoor space.

Regardless of the placement and aesthetic you are seeking for your backyard kitchen, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has you covered. Our outdoor base cabinets, outdoor sink cabinets, and other kitchen cabinets for the backyard, rooftop or patio are durable and attractive with seemingly endless options for placement and layout. To complete your space, the design and style of your outdoor kitchen wall can be paired with a multitude of our powder coated cabinets to achieve any aesthetic. Whether your outdoor kitchen wall is brick, tile, glass, or includes stainless steel wall cabinets, your outdoor space will be beautiful and functional from all angles.

Ready to design your dream outdoor kitchen to complement your outdoor wall?

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Outdoor Kitchens

California Backyard Ideas: Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

California Backyard Ideas

In terms of outdoor living design in the United States, you will often see colors, styles, and designs that are trending in certain regions of the country. When looking specifically at outdoor living ideas in the state of California, some of the common additions to a backyard space include an outdoor kitchen, outdoor lounging area, outdoor entertainment, fireplace, pool, and shading options. Incorporating each of these elements will help to create a cohesive outdoor living space that offers food, fun, and a comfortable space to relax outside.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Backyards in California can incorporate a variety of trends, ranging from outdoor cooking and lounging to entertainment packages. Here are some of the most common outdoor living space ideas, all of which will create a beautiful outdoor living space in California – or anywhere else.

Outdoor kitchen. A luxury outdoor living space would not be complete without an outdoor kitchen. Popular not just in California, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen features an abundance of convenience and entertainment value for all your outdoor patio gatherings.

Lounging area. An outdoor space can be an extension of your indoor living space, complete with a lounging area or living room. Spending more time outdoors in the beautiful California weather is easy and enjoyable with a relaxing space.

Entertainment. What could be better than an outdoor entertainment oasis? With more outdoor-rated electronics than ever, outdoor entertainment packages are common in California for everything from Super Bowl parties to unwinding after an evening meal.             

Fireplace. An outdoor fireplace brings the comforts of the indoors to the outside. Providing warmth and a cozy ambiance, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect place to gather around on a cool night with a drink in hand.

Pool. A pool adjacent to an outdoor kitchen provides a ton of benefits for family fun, outdoor barbecues, and pool parties. Pools are popular in many regions of California because they can be used virtually year-round and are a great escape when the weather is hot.

California Room and other shade options. Covered spaces offer shade and protection from the elements. A California Room – also the moniker for a three-season room – is an enclosed space, either with windows or screens, that can house your entire outdoor living space.

Benefits of an Outdoor Space in California

The benefits of an outdoor space in California are abundant when you can create an entire living area that showcases features like a seating area, outdoor kitchen, entertainment, fireplace, and pool. Here are some of the highlights of an outdoor living space:

Increase in resale value. A California outdoor kitchen alone increases the resale value of your home significantly. By that margin, a fully stocked outdoor living space means more money in your pocket when it is time to sell your home.

Unparalleled convenience. By bringing the comforts of the indoors to the outside, the convenience is unmatched. An outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor patio seating, and entertainment options will be as convenient and enjoyable as your indoor living space with the bonus of being outside.

Food and entertainment. Host the ultimate parties right in your California backyard! Grill up delicious food in your outdoor kitchen, splash around in the pool, and then spend the evening relaxing by the fireplace, binge-watching your favorite show with a drink in hand.

More time spent outdoors. These days, spending more time outdoors in the sun and fresh air is a must. Your California backyard can easily become an outdoor oasis with all the features and amenities that are available.

Enhancement of your personal style. Like your indoor space, designing your outdoor living space is an opportunity to enhance your personal style. Use color, texture, layout, and design to your advantage to extend your indoor style to the outdoors or create an entirely new aesthetic.

Best Outdoor Kitchens for a California Backyard

One of the most sought-after features for a California backyard is an outdoor kitchen. Like the styles in Arizona, California outdoor kitchen designs have similar requirements and trends. A suitable outdoor kitchen for a California backyard will be durable and require minimal maintenance, all while remaining beautiful and incorporating popular design concepts from around the state.

Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ checks all the boxes for luxury outdoor kitchens that are perfect in any California backyard:

  •   304 or 316 grade stainless steel cabinetry that is made to order in the USA.
  •   A wide range of UV-resistant powder coat color options, including bright colors, neutrals, textures, metallics, and realistic wood grain finishes.
  •   Engineered to house virtually every outdoor appliance on the market.
  •   Handcrafted door styles to suit your aesthetic.
  •   Seemingly endless layout options to give you the freedom to incorporate other outdoor living features in your space.

If you are looking to revamp your California backyard, you have many options for features and amenities. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard in California is a great option if you are seeking to expand your living space and enjoy a convenient outdoor cooking and entertainment area. Most importantly, powder coated stainless steel outdoor cabinetry from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens will turn your backyard “California dreaming” into a luxurious reality!

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Best Spanish Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Spanish Outdoor Kitchen

Striving to capture the beauty of old-world European charm right in your own backyard? You can easily elevate your backyard aesthetic by choosing an outdoor kitchen brand that captures the style and design ideas of your choosing. The frameless, European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™ has seemingly endless configurations with color, style, and design, giving you the freedom to create an elegant Spanish style (or any other style!) outdoor kitchen.

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Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen: Designs and Appliances

A modern Spanish kitchen embodies a traditional Mediterranean outdoor kitchen design. It will include materials like tile or natural stone countertops and wood finish cabinets. The color palette will include earthy or nature-inspired hues, like wood grains, browns, greens, beiges, oranges, and reds. Materials and features like exposed wooden beams, ironwork, lattice, stucco, stone, and clay are also characteristics of this covered outdoor kitchen style. The Spanish style outdoor kitchen ideas will almost surely include appliances like pizza ovens, power burners, and smokers for that traditional Mediterranean feel.

To extend a Spanish aesthetic beyond your outdoor kitchen design, you can easily design a cohesive Spanish style outdoor space. With Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, you can create nearly any outdoor kitchen layout, allowing you to include other features like a decorative outdoor kitchen wall with beautifully colored tile and an outdoor clay fireplace. Complete the European look with outdoor lighting and covering, such as an elegant pergola with vines and intricate latticework.

Create a Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

While a traditional Spanish style kitchen includes natural materials like wood, the main drawback of wood is that it requires a lot of maintenance in the outdoors. The beauty of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is that you can use our durable, European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry and realistic wood grain powder coat finishes to create a Spanish style outdoor kitchen design that has the look of real wood without the maintenance. Our wood grain powder coat options include dark and light hues to suit your style, and we also offer expansive color palettes that include an abundance of neutrals and earth-tones to match your countertop space and  outdoor kitchen that captures the Spanish charm.

Our durable outdoor kitchen cabinets allow for extra storage space and can be placed in nearly any configuration, allowing you to incorporate coverings, stainless steel appliances, outdoor furniture, a seating area and other features to complete your Spanish style outdoor living space. Although we do not manufacture outdoor appliances, our appliance cabinets can house virtually any outdoor appliance on the market so you can easily incorporate them in your outdoor kitchen.

A Spanish style kitchen will embody old-world European charm, with materials like wood, stone, tile, clay, and stucco, and colors like reds, browns, wood grains, and greens. Do your food prep and outdoor cooking in style with the right design ideas. The European-inspired stainless steel cabinetry manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the perfect solution to create a Spanish style outdoor kitchen, complete with a realistic wood grain powder coat finish and Spanish style features and appliances for your outdoor living space. 

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