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Pool and Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Pool and Outdoor Kitchen Design

For the ultimate fun in the sun, building an outdoor kitchen near your swimming pool is a popular solution to create your backyard oasis. Although there are some considerations for placing your outdoor kitchen near your pool, this setup offers plenty of entertaining and outdoor living benefits. In this article, we discuss how choosing Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for your outdoor kitchen design next to your pool will achieve the best results for backyard entertaining.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pool

Building an outdoor kitchen adjacent to your pool has many entertaining benefits. This setup allows the chef and guests to socialize, swim, sunbathe, eat, and drink in one backyard outdoor living space. You can include a bartending station and refrigerator with your outdoor kitchen design so you can make and serve drinks by the pool. You can also situate your outdoor kitchen underneath shade, such as a pergola, gazebo, or in a three-season room, so you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing summer day in the pool and then cool off with food and drinks away from the sun. A refreshing pool alongside your beautiful luxury outdoor kitchen will guarantee that you will be the ultimate host for backyard parties and barbecues.

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The main considerations of building an outdoor kitchen near your pool are placement, contact with moisture and pool chemicals, and sun exposure. When planning your outdoor space, you will want to be mindful of where you are placing your outdoor kitchen relative to your pool. Ideally, your outdoor kitchen will be close to your pool, but you will not want your outdoor kitchen exposed to extra moisture, saltwater, or pool chemicals. Additionally, spending some time in the shade would be a welcome relief after splashing around in the pool under the sun all day. When considering these factors, the best placement for your outdoor kitchen is underneath a pergola or other covered patio solutions with room for patio chairs or a seating area between your pool and outdoor kitchen.                                                        


Regardless of where your outdoor kitchen will be located relative to your pool, any layout shape should work in your design. There are so many outdoor kitchen design ideas to choose from, but you should choose the one that feels best for your outdoor entertaining and cooking needs. A straight run of cabinets will leave plenty of open space between your outdoor kitchen and pool for lounge chairs or a seating area. L, U, and G shaped outdoor kitchens are great options to incorporate bar seating, allowing guests to climb out of the pool and take a seat at the outdoor bar for a refreshing drink. In addition, these outdoor poolside kitchen layouts provide work triangles for effective food prep and cooking for al fresco dining after a fun day in the pool.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

By placing your outdoor kitchen near your pool, moisture and saltwater can inevitably become a concern, as they contribute to rust and rot. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures weather-resistant and durable stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets that are available in a variety of powder coat finishes. These finishes are not only beautiful, but they also minimize maintenance of your outdoor kitchen. For exceptional durability of your backyard kitchen, especially in any instance of moisture, exposure to pool chemicals, or for routine cleaning, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has a care and cleaning guide to ensure that your outdoor kitchen is properly cleaned and maintained.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens also offers two modern outdoor kitchen collections with integrated powder coated handles, eliminating the concern for the effects of moisture, saltwater, or pool chemicals on bare stainless steel handles. Both the TECNO and ELEMENTS collections are excellent alternatives from the traditional cabinet boxes with bare stainless steel pulls, especially for a poolside kitchen.

With the outdoor amenity options available from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, you can design the ultimate entertainment package by including an outdoor grill, sink, outdoor bar station and cooling solutions, like a refrigerator and an ice maker. Entertaining by the pool would not be complete without these outdoor kitchen appliances for grilling a meal and serving refreshing drinks. In addition, the options for layout shapes, as well as cabinet types – including grill, trash, and sink cabinets allow for seemingly endless possibilities for your Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens design. As such, it is easy to incorporate existing pool placement and shading options into your outdoor kitchen plans for your dream backyard oasis.

You can effortlessly turn your backyard into a luxury outdoor living area by building an outdoor kitchen near your pool. With the beauty, durability, customizability, and amenity options from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, you can design the durable and beautiful outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Create the ideal entertainment retreat right in your own backyard!

Interested in an amazing backyard living experience? The team at Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen next to your pool. Enhance your outdoor living area with our amazing outdoor kitchen designs with a pool.

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Outdoor Kitchens & Living Ideas in Arizona

outdoor kitchen arizona

While the interest in outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces is universal, specific designs and color concepts are often regional in nature. For example, a transitional style with a wood grain finish has been the most popular aesthetic in the western region of the United States. In this article, we discuss Arizona, Arizona Rooms, and how outdoor living and outdoor kitchen trends and design ideas are based largely on the climate of the state.

Outdoor Living Trends in Arizona

Due to the weather in Arizona, pergolas and other shaded patio options are popular for outdoor living spaces among homeowners. Depending on the location in Arizona, the climate can be very different, although it is mostly dry to very dry with limited humidity and plenty of sun exposure. Nights can be chilly, and higher elevations in the northern regions of the state will even see snow. Precipitation also varies quite a bit, from droughts to occasional monsoon weather. Outdoor shading options offer protection from the sun and occasional rain or snow.

A transitional aesthetic with wood grain finishes and nature-inspired hues is popular for outdoor living spaces, with the goal of blending the indoors with the outside. Incorporating outdoor accessories, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pools is important for this reason as well. Outdoor kitchens and pools are especially common for homeowners because they can be used all year in most of the state with minimal maintenance. It is also popular to include plenty of amenity options to create a complete living space that can be enjoyed outside on almost any day of the year.

Best Types of Outdoor Kitchens for Arizona 

The best outdoor kitchens will incorporate the outdoor living trends in Arizona into a cohesive whole. Outdoor kitchens in Arizona should remain durable and beautiful with minimal maintenance and incorporate popular design trends in the western United States.

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Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures semi-custom stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets with plenty of opportunity for design choices. Our cabinets will remain durable and require minimal maintenance with UV resistant powder coat color options. In addition, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a realistic wood grain powder coat palette for the popular transitional aesthetic. Exclusive door styles and handle options can give you the exact look you desire in your Arizona outdoor kitchen. In addition, you can choose from a wide selection of amenity options like grill cabinets and bartending stations, as well as sink cabinets and cooling solutions for food and drinks.

Since Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has seemingly endless layout options, your space can truly incorporate your dream outdoor living design. Easily design your outdoor kitchen around existing structures like your pool, and effortlessly add a fireplace, seating area, or incorporate features like a BBQ island or bar seating into your design. With custom fillers and finished back and end panels, your outdoor kitchen will look beautiful and complete, no matter where you put it.

Arizona Room 

Like a Florida or California Room, an Arizona Room is an outdoor extension of the indoor living space but found in Arizona. It is usually added to the back of a residence for privacy and is completely or partially covered with a roof. For the walls, you can choose from screens or windows, depending on your goals for the space. Similar to a sunroom, an Arizona Room addition merges the best of both the indoors and outdoors by providing the feeling of being outside but with protection from the sun, snakes, scorpions, and other wildlife.

If you are seeking an abundance of natural light at your house, consider where to place your Arizona room based on sunrise and sunset. If you want more fresh air, screens are the way to go. Otherwise, glass walls will let in tons of natural light while providing extra protection from the outdoors. Besides for an outdoor kitchen, an Arizona Room can be fully outfitted with features like a separate seating area, a pool, a fireplace, and outdoor accessories.


Given the hot and dry climate, cooling options are vital in an Arizona Room for both outdoor fun and an escape from the heat. Your enclosed pool will be more protected from wildlife and stray vegetation as well.

Seating area

A seating or dining area completes your Arizona Room addition by providing an area to relax and eat out of the sun. It will give you and any guest that outdoor feeling while providing you shelter from the heat. Place your seating area close to your outdoor kitchen for the best entertaining results.


For a chilly Arizona night and especially if your Arizona Room has screens instead of windows, a fireplace is a great addition to add warmth and a cozy atmosphere. A fireplace near low seating is key for relaxation after dinner.

Outdoor accessories

Lighting features and curtains will create a cozy nighttime ambiance. Rugs and pillows are a great opportunity to enhance your color palette. Include a TV for the ultimate entertainment package in your outdoor living room.

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While the Arizona climate sets the outdoor living and outdoor kitchen trends, outdoor kitchens are popular for use summer through winter. Building an outdoor kitchen from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. For that true indoor-outdoor living experience, an Arizona living room fuses natural light with protection from sun, rain, and wildlife. Enjoy amenities like a pool, outdoor seating, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and other outdoor accessories for the ultimate in outdoor living in Arizona.

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Concrete Outdoor Kitchen vs. Stainless Steel

concrete outdoor kitchen vs stainless steel

When choosing between different outdoor kitchen materials, you want to consider which material will be durable, attractive, and will require minimal maintenance. Some popular choices for outdoor base cabinets and other kitchen cabinets include concrete and stainless steel. So, whether you’re looking to add on to your patio, rooftop, backyard deck, or any other outdoor living space, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right material. Here we compare the two materials and explain the ways in which stainless steel is the best material for your outdoor living space, as it is durable in virtually every climate.

Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

Concrete is a popular material due to its strength and durability. It is also an affordable option. There is minimal concern about housing an outdoor grill or other hot appliances, as it is fire-resistant. It is also customizable to an extent, as you can embed stone or tile into the concrete surface or paint it any color that you wish. In addition, it can be poured into any size or shape mold for versatility in your outdoor space. As far as drawbacks, it can be tough to install and usually requires masonry skills. It is susceptible to cracking and breaking, and colors will fade over time and through weathering. The same thing applies to outdoor concrete countertops. The material of a concrete counter or kitchen is also difficult to clean. A concrete countertop or outdoor kitchen must be maintained regularly and will sometimes require repairs to keep its appearance. If you decide to choose concrete it will require some maintenance.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Like concrete, stainless steel is another durable and popular outdoor kitchen material option. Stainless steel is a metal alloy of iron and other metals, with at least 10.5% concentration of the element chromium, which deters the stainless steel from rusting. Outdoor kitchen cabinets are typically manufactured using 304 or 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, and both are durable options – with 316 providing additional corrosion resistance. These grades of stainless steel are resistant to heat and chemicals and will not fade or crack. However, bare stainless is still susceptible to corrosion, rust, stains, and scratches in the outdoors if it is not properly maintained. Powder coating the stainless steel is a highly recommended option to minimize maintenance.

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Why is Stainless Steel the Best Option?

In comparing concrete with stainless steel for a perfect outdoor kitchen design, you will want to determine which material will last longer, remain durable, require less maintenance, will be the most cost-effective in the long run, is more attractive and customizable, and can withstand the weather over a long period of time. Although concrete is initially more cost-effective than stainless steel, it will end up being pricier in the long run. A concrete outdoor kitchen will hold up well enough outdoors, especially if the outdoor space is shaded from the elements. However, as the finish degrades, parts of the structure especially on a concrete counter space will eventually need to be repaired or replaced completely to maintain the structural integrity. Stainless steel is ultimately the better outdoor kitchen cabinet material overall due to limited maintenance and longevity, especially when powder coated.

To help preserve the appearance, concrete can be painted, and stainless steel can be powder coated. Painted concrete will fade from weathering and the porosity of concrete makes it extremely difficult to clean, especially when preparing and cooking food. While both materials must be maintained regularly, the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens powder coated stainless steel cabinets are UV resistant and require very little maintenance – regular cleaning with mild soap and water will do the trick. Our color palette also includes bright and dark colors, textures, metallics, and even realistic wood grain finishes for the ultimate customization. Your cabinet finish will remain vibrant despite facing years of weather effects.

Concrete can be tricky, as it is susceptible to breaking or cracking, which diminishes the integrity of the structure. At Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, our cabinets are shipped preassembled with professional resources, including installation instructions. As a result, installation is simple and convenient. On the contrary, concrete is messy and difficult to work with, requiring a contractor or mason to be on the jobsite for weeks at a time for installation – hardly convenient!

Although concrete and stainless steel are both common materials for outdoor cabinets, stainless steel is the better choice for the perfect outdoor kitchen design. Concrete pales in comparison to stainless steel in terms of the longevity and ability to withstand weathering in the outdoors. For the best return on investment and to ensure that your outdoor kitchen will last for many years, powder coated stainless steel is by far the best option.

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Why You Should Have an Outdoor Grill Hood

outdoor grill hood

When cooking in your outdoor kitchen, you may find a grill hood is an important feature to improve airflow and provide proper ventilation in covered or transitional outdoor cooking areas. While Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens does not manufacture outdoor grill hoods, this article discusses why you should include one in any covered outdoor cooking space.

Benefits of a Barbecue Hood

Outdoor grill hoods are not required in open air outdoor cooking areas, but any indoor/outdoor cooking space should include one for improved airflow and ventilation. A grill hood will enhance your outdoor experience and give the feel of professional cooking in any outdoor covered area or transition room. A hood may even be a requirement in accordance with building codes.

Outdoor grill hoods are suitable for all types of grills (electric, charcoal, gas). When choosing a material, heavy gauge stainless steel is not only durable, but it will add an attractive design element to your outdoor kitchen. Integrated halogen lights can add both visibility and style to your cooking space.

Grill hoods require a ventilation hood that is deeper and typically wider than an indoor model to provide an optimal capture area. Finally, dishwasher safe filters and including a muffler will ensure minimal maintenance and a quiet outdoor living space.


If your outdoor space is transitional, you should absolutely invest in an barbecue hood. Not only will an outdoor hood help to extract grease, smoke, and odors from the cooking area for safety and cleanliness, but it also adds a stylish design element to your outdoor kitchen.

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Top Trends in Outdoor Kitchens for 2020

Whether the climate has two or four seasons, interest in outdoor living has been on the rise. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) developed the 2020 State of the Industry Report to highlight the top outdoor kitchen trends in color, style, and design from all over the country. This article discusses some of the outdoor kitchen trends that we have been seeing this year in 2020 and provides speculation for what is next for 2021.

Travel Less, Invest More

More than half of the surveyed designers in the Report confirmed that an increasing number of their clients have been interested in revamping their backyards and outdoor living spaces. While the Report predates COVID-19, the pandemic travel restrictions have contributed to a rise in people investing in their outdoor areas, since they have been spending most of their time at home and outside. Undoubtedly, both the interest and the opportunity to invest in outdoor living has encouraged homeowners to overhaul their outdoor spaces to include outdoor kitchens and living areas.

Contemporary and Neutral

When designing outdoor cooking and living spaces, certain design elements are prioritized based on region. For instance, designers in the South and Northeast consider durability to be a priority, while style and design are the priority in the Midwest and West. In terms of style, traditional and transitional styles are in demand, while contemporary designs have been gaining further popularity across the board. Particularly, modular designs have gained popularity due to their modern and versatile design, as well as their simpler installation process. Consistent with the contemporary style, neutral colors, and muted hues are trending as finish options. Depending on the region, metallics, textures, and wood grain finishes are also popular.

Durability and Convenience

Nationally, stainless steel is the most popular material for outdoor kitchens. To enhance personal aesthetic and reduce maintenance, homeowners are taking advantage of colored powder coat finishes on their outdoor kitchen cabinets. There is also a growing trend towards creating a complete outdoor living experience, with outdoor conveniences like lounge seating, dining tables, and firepits. As far as design upgrades, they range from specialty appliances in the South and West to kegerators in the Midwest and low seating areas in the Northeast. Outdoor kitchen design upgrades add convenience as well as versatility to each patio, rooftop or backyard space, with the option to change weatherproof outdoor accessories – like rugs, pillows, and lighting – as trends change.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

From stainless steel to powder coat and contemporary designs, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens perfectly captures the color, style, and design trends that we have been seeing this year. As discussed, stainless steel is the most popular material, and our outdoor kitchen cabinets are manufactured with either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. In addition, our standard stainless steel cabinets come in hundreds of sizes and many types (base, wall, appliance, etc.), giving you the freedom to incorporate a multitude of styles and designs in virtually any sized space.

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To accommodate the rising interest in modular designs, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers the ELEMENTS line, which is a collaboration between Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and designer Daniel Germani. This line of modular cabinetry provides a modern aesthetic to any outdoor space, with its frameless design, nested drawers, and integrated handles. The outdoor kitchen design is also versatile and functional, featuring pass-through cabinets that offer access from both sides, as well as grill, refrigerator, and trash cabinets.

In line with the latest color trends, the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens powder coat color palette offers neutrals, metallics, textures, and wood grain finishes that are all popular this year. As a bonus, the palette is designed to match or complement the modern aesthetic of Brown Jordan® outdoor furniture, allowing you to easily coordinate your entire outdoor living space, from your kitchen to your seating areas.

What’s Next for Outdoor Kitchen Trends in 2021?

We can surmise that many of the popular outdoor kitchen trends in 2020 will continue well into 2021. For example, people will most likely remain interested in investing in their outdoor living spaces. As contemporary designs have been steadily increasing in many areas of the country, we can speculate that this style will stay popular next year as well. In terms of color, nature-inspired hues (especially blue) are expected to join neutral hues as an up and coming trend over the next year.

The 2020 State of the Industry Report highlights the top outdoor kitchen trends both regionally and nationally. As homeowners continue to invest in their outdoor living spaces, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is prepared to meet current and changing outdoor kitchen trends by offering versatility in color, style, and design in the years to come.

Stay up to date with outdoor kitchen trends by downloading our 2020 State of the Industry Report!

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Stainless Steel Vs. Aluminum Outdoor Kitchens

Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen vs Stainless Steel

To choose among outdoor kitchen material options, it is important for the outdoor cabinet material to have minimal maintenance and durability in virtually every climate. Of the most popular materials, metal is the best choice for outdoor kitchens, as it is long-lasting and can be customized with a powder coat finish that is attractive and virtually free of maintenance. In this article, we compare the two most popular metals for outdoor kitchen cabinets – aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum Cabinets

Aluminum cabinets can last a long time in the outdoors because the lack of iron content in aluminum prevents it from rusting. The surface of an aluminum cabinet is not free of maintenance though, as it can still corrode. While aluminum can be long-lasting in this respect, this material possesses other properties that must be considered when it is used for outdoor kitchen cabinets. For example, it is soft, lightweight, a good conductor for heat, and it has a lower melting point than other metals that contain iron. These qualities mean aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets are susceptible to denting, and it tends to be a less workable material for grill cabinets and cooktops where heat is a concern.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel is a very popular material for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It is an alloy composed of iron and at least 10.5% chromium. The presence of chromium is vital, as it deters the stainless steel from rusting, and it is an important element to note if you’ve been wondering: does stainless steel rust? Stainless steel is also available in a variety of grades which are useful in different applications. The most common grades of stainless steel kitchen cabinets are 304 and 316 (marine grade), with 316 providing added resistance to corrosion. Although a bare stainless steel cabinet is an appealing option for an outdoor kitchen design and outdoor living space, it must be properly maintained and regularly cleaned to avoid rust, corrosion, scratches, or stains.

Which Metal is Better?

In determining which metal is a better choice for your outdoor living space or any modular outdoor kitchens, it is very important to factor in features such as durability and structural integrity; ability to withstand weather effects, heat, and everyday wear and tear; weight and density; aesthetics; and longevity in the outdoors. These factors are vital because outdoor kitchen cabinets are susceptible to potentially harmful effects from weather and simply normal use. Aluminum and stainless steel are both comparable in terms of longevity in the outdoors and aesthetics. However, when looking at the differences, stainless steel is the better outdoor kitchen cabinet material due to durability, structural integrity, and ability to withstand heat and other effects of outdoor cooking.

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As discussed, bare aluminum can corrode, and stainless steel can rust in the outdoors. Both metals must be maintained to prevent rust and/or corrosion with regular cleaning and covering when not in use. To reduce maintenance to a bare minimum and provide an attractive finish, the stainless steel cabinets manufactured by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens can be powder coated in a variety of colors, textures, and metallics that are UV resistant. Aluminum outdoor kitchen cabinets can have powder coating as well, meaning that both metal surfaces require similar maintenance.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets should be able to withstand weather effects and everyday wear and tear of outdoor cooking. Stainless steel is both heavier and denser than aluminum, which are two properties that are key for durability. Since aluminum is soft, structural integrity is a potential concern. Aluminum cabinets are susceptible to denting during use or during inclement weather. The last thing you want to worry about is a dented cabinet door, which is not only unsightly but can affect how the door opens and closes.

One of the main purposes of outdoor kitchens is the ability to cook in the outdoors. As such, outdoor cabinetry should be able to handle heat. Aluminum has a higher conductivity for heat and a lower melting point than stainless steel. These properties mean that aluminum absorbs heat very easily and can become too hot to touch, lose strength, or even warp over time when exposed to cooking temperatures (400-600 degrees F), which renders it a less viable option for grill cabinets and cooktops. On the contrary, the 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel used for outdoor kitchen cabinets are very resistant to heat and there is no concern for heat-related effects.

The Best Option

While both aluminum and stainless steel can be used for outdoor kitchen cabinets, stainless steel is the better choice for your outdoor space. Its durable nature and ability to withstand heat and other effects will ensure that your new outdoor kitchen cabinets and storage space will maintain structural integrity and offer plenty of use for years to come. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are designed for luxury and timeless enjoyment. Get in touch today to learn more about our outdoor cabinetry to transform your entertaining area and storage space outdoors.

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How Your Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions Will Guide Your Design

When designing your Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen, the size of your space can be placed into one of four categories (small, essentials, medium, large). The size will ultimately determine specific features, such as the depth of your stainless steel cabinets, the length of the countertop, and the appliances that can be used. Additionally, you must consider where to place appliances based on functional zones, which are hot (grills), cold (refrigerators), wet (sinks), and dry (prep counters and storage). Typically, only large outdoor kitchens will include all four zones. For a more effective workflow, you will want to consider the placement of the zones. It is recommended to place the dry zone next to the hot zone and the wet zone next to the cold zone.

In the initial stages of designing the layout and choosing appliances for your outdoor kitchen, consider this helpful guide to determine the size of your space.

  1. Small (10 linear feet). A small kitchen will include limited amenities that are considered necessary, such as a grill, cooktop, sink, and storage. Small kitchens need a minimum of 36 inches of countertop frontage (the workspace area).
  1. Essentials (13 linear feet). In addition to the amenities in a small kitchen, an essentials kitchen will typically include a refrigerator as well. Since it is a bit larger, it should have at least 48 inches of counter space.
  1. Medium (16 linear feet). A kitchen that is medium in size will add more storage, more countertop space, and occasionally more refrigeration options. A medium kitchen will have at least 72 inches of countertop frontage.
  1. Large (more than 20 linear feet). Large kitchens include all four zones, can accommodate multiple cooks, and have all the amenities. They will have at least 156 inches of countertop frontage.

outdoor kitchen dimensions

Design Considerations

Once you’ve defined the size of your space, you should consider other features of your design, such as grill selection. Although Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures appliance cabinets, we do not manufacture outdoor kitchen appliances. However, we do distribute them. Based on the size of your cooking area, we can help you choose the grill size that is right for you. You will also need to consider the best way to incorporate countertop space, storage, seating, and color into your outdoor kitchen design.

  1. BBQ Grills. Since grills do not have uniform dimensions, upgrading the size after your kitchen has been installed could be challenging. As such, you should think ahead and choose the largest size that you think you would need in the future. For entertaining purposes, you will want to consider placement of the grill to allow the cook to be social with family and friends. It is recommended that the outdoor grill is not placed in a spot where the cook’s back will be to the guests.
  1. Countertop space. The size of the workspace is an important amenity when designing an outdoor kitchen. Since smaller kitchens will have less space by default, you should be extra mindful of your design. For optimal food preparation and serving, your space should have free countertop areas on both sides of grills, sinks, and cooktops. This setup allows for a more functional kitchen and a better workflow. For example, raw ingredients can be placed on one side of the grill, and then the cooked food can be placed on the other side for serving.


  1. Storage. Space for tools and accessories, such as pots, dishes, glasses, and grill brushes, is essential for your outdoor kitchen. The assumption is that smaller kitchens will need to store fewer items, so they will need less storage space. Plan accordingly while you design, being mindful of leaving enough room for storage as well as any appliances. Although base cabinets are a storage necessity in any kitchen, smaller spaces in particular will benefit from incorporating wall cabinets as well. Check out our blog on Outdoor Kitchen Wall Ideas to learn more. If you have walls in your outdoor space, wall cabinets will provide you with additional storage options without taking up floor area.

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  1. Dining Area. Outdoor kitchens typically offer different types of seating, such as formal, casual, and bar. For entertainment purposes, the primary cooking areas should be near the main seating areas. Smaller kitchens may only be able to fit bar seating, which is a more compact setup, especially when barstools can be tucked underneath a counter. Large kitchens have more options to include multiple seating areas in their outdoor kitchen design for maximum entertainment.


  1. Color. If you have a smaller kitchen space, you will likely benefit from choosing lighter colors or metallics for your cabinets, as they will reflect light well and make the space appear larger in your backyard. Conversely, large kitchens have more versatility with color section. To help you decide, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offers a full palette of powder coat finishes in a variety of colors and textures, along with realistic wood grains. Powder coating your cabinets not only provides a beautiful and lasting color that will enhance your design, it also adds protection and minimizes maintenance.

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Feeling inspired? Check out our outdoor kitchen gallery to get beautiful outdoor kitchen ideas in all shapes and sizes. Ready to start designing your dream outdoor kitchen plan? We help transform the outdoor living space.

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Things to Consider When Designing a Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

As highlighted in the 2020 State of the Industry Outdoor Living Report from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the majority of designers are noticing a rising interest in outdoor living spaces. More specifically, homeowners are frequently opting for a contemporary aesthetic for their outdoor kitchen designs. A contemporary outdoor kitchen can be achieved by focusing on the cohesion of color, texture, layout, and lighting, and how they complement one another to create a modern and fresh space.

Contemporary Design Features

Here are features and things to consider in order to create the perfect contemporary look for your outdoor kitchen:

Color Palette

One of the most important elements of any design is the color palette, as it reflects your personal style and highlights the feel of the space. A contemporary color palette is defined by black, white, and other soft neutrals, such as grey and beige. The powder coat colors from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens perfectly exemplify a modern appeal, offering a neutral and modern palette in shades of black, white, silver, and brown in various textures and metallics. The color combination adds to the backyard kitchen by giving it a clean and elegant look.

Textures and Materials

Matte finishes paired with stainless steel appliances and cabinets will provide a striking contrast. The stainless steel cabinetry and door styles offered by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens are the best choice for this purpose. For instance, choosing bare stainless center panels and inserts in your powder coated Key West and Palm Beach cabinet door style allows you to create this look. Even better, powder coating your stainless steel cabinets or panels in the Platinum shade will give you the look of stainless steel while adding protection. Neutral and sleek stone countertops will also provide a modern appeal. Although Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens does not distribute countertops, there are plenty of materials and colors to suit this style.

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Designing an open layout is essential for a modern feel. An open design is becoming increasingly popular for kitchens. This simple outdoor kitchen idea lets in more natural light, thus making your area appear larger and cleaner. Designing a kitchen for the outdoors is the best way to achieve an open concept, as you can leave your space as open to the elements as you would like, with the peace of mind that your powder coated cabinets will be protected. For all your layout needs, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinetry available in hundreds of sizes with dozens of styles, allowing for plenty of customization possibilities to fit any area.

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Sharp edges and clean lines are key for a contemporary outdoor kitchen. The Hampton door style, which is a stainless steel slab, is perfect for a clean, sharp, and sleek look. Consider how you can mirror these clean lines with various elements in your kitchen, such as the Contemporary pull from Sun Valley Bronze. Each feature that adheres to these shapes and designs will enhance the feel of your contemporary kitchen design.


Soft, low lighting offers a cozy ambiance that is vital to any outdoor kitchen with a contemporary design. Plenty of outdoor lighting options are available, such as fire tables, string lights, and lanterns with modern designs. Try pairing your lighting with a metallic or textured powder coat color, such as Night (textured black) or Titanium (silvery beige metallic) for added depth and dimension, essential for modernity and elegance in your contemporary outdoor kitchen.

Transform the Outdoor Living Space with the Experts 

We hope you find these contemporary outdoor kitchen ideas helpful when creating your new outdoor space. We provide the best outdoor kitchen cabinets to complete your modern outdoor backyard or patio. Ready to take your indoor kitchen to the outdoors? For more outdoor kitchen design assistance, contact our expert design team today to learn more about transforming your backyard or patio into a luxury outdoor entertaining area.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

Creating or enhancing an outdoor living space includes careful planning, budgeting, selection and placement of amenities to bring an entertainment oasis to fruition. Growing in demand, is the addition of an outdoor kitchen that is proving to add value to the home and increase the homeowner’s investment in their property.

We took a close look at what it takes to elevate a simple BBQ island to a fully functioning outdoor kitchen – one that mirrors the indoor version, eliminates constant trips back into the house and keeps the party where it’s at – deck, patio, backyard or rooftop!

Outdoor Kitchen Must Haves

Here are 20 outdoor kitchen must-haves that will have you serving up plenty of fun and lasting memories:

  1. Cabinetry – The foundation of the outdoor kitchen, cabinetry is available in wood, polymers, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and stainless steel. The latter is often overlooked as a sustainable, and recyclable material that is compatible with many appliances and resistant to bacteria and fungus. The cabinets also provide excellent storage space for the outdoor cooking accessories.

Hailed for its durability, stainless steel cabinets are available in a variety of finishes including powder coating with a specific color or wood grain finish. Along with many other benefits, adding powder coating to the outdoor kitchen finish protects the stainless steel from chips, spills, stains and unsightly finger prints and provides a strong defense against corrosion and environmental conditions.

  1. Trash Pull-Out Cabinet – Keep trash out of sight yet within reach for easy clean up in the outdoor space. But, be sure to empty it at the end of the night!
  2. BBQ & Outdoor Grill Hood – If your outdoor kitchen isn’t in open air, consider ventilating it with a grill hood. It’s perfect if you opt to have your outdoor living space as part of a lanais or transitional California/Florida room.
  3. Float a shelf, or two – If your outdoor kitchen is placed against a back wall, floating shelves will provide additional storage or serve as a decorative element.
  4. Smokers – Want that authentic barbeque flavor? Consider adding a smoker to complement your grill and use indirect heat to lock in that smoky flavor.
  5. Sink – Adding a sink will encourage cleaning as you go and makes for easy prepping while eliminating trips indoors.
  6. Grills – A variety of types of grills to complement cooking preferences await you with one that enables you to cook as much or as little food as you wish in a short amount of time. You can choose from infrared, propane or an electric built-in outdoor grill.
  7. Pizza Oven – Growing in popularity, a pizza oven provides an additional cooking alternative – homemade pizza never tasted so good!
  8. Side Burner – It easily accommodates a lobster pot and anything else you use a stove top for including sides like baked beans or sauerkraut.
  9. Griddle – Serve up breakfast al fresco! Creative recipes include using a griddle vs. a grill, elevating your culinary skills
  10. Counters – Think about the countertop material for your prep station space and consider creating an outdoor kitchen island layout, providing counter space for the non-cooking appliances such as the sink. Countertops are also important for food prep around the cooking area.
  11. Seating – Although the tradition is to add guest seating nearby, keeping the cook “within the social circle” while working, today’s outdoor living areas and entertainment spaces feature low-seating areas away from the grill in configurations mirroring indoor living rooms.
  12. Storage – Add storage around the back side of an island layout with cabinets. Related – Outdoor Kitchen Storage Ideas
  13. Ice Maker/Ice Storage – Choose an ice maker or ice storage unit to conveniently chill beverages.
  14. Outdoor Refrigerator – Eliminate constant indoor runs and portable coolers while keeping perishable ingredients safely chilled until cooking time.
  15. Wine Cooler – A perfect addition to the end of a cabinet run for accommodating guests and allows for self-serving.
  16. Kegerator – Keep beer cold, readily available and fresh for an extended period of time.
  17. Glassware Storage – Serve up a tasty beverage with the perfect point-of-use storage area for glasses and stemware.
  18. Get Shady – Add a roof top or pergola to enhance al fresco dining by providing a bit of shade and protect your outdoor kitchen investment from the elements.
  19. Fire It Up – Heat stacks, small heaters, chimineas or fire pits will heat things up in your outdoor living space and keep the party going well after the sun goes down.

This list may feel like you have to keep up with the Jones’ but fear not, think of it as a guide to investing in the good life. Good times. Good food. Great memories.

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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen
This post was originally published Dec. 21, 2018 and updated May 15, 2020.
The promise of a new year often evokes thoughts of lifestyle improvements. Getting outside more, unplugging, enjoying time alone or hosting family and friends can certainly warrant expanding the living space.

Choosing a home remodeling project that includes creating or adding to an outdoor living area can set the stage – patio, deck or rooftop – for an outdoor kitchen. The demand for this culinary amenity is increasing in demand according to Kitchen & Bath Design News, which cites requests for outdoor kitchens by homeowners are continuing to trend upward for the third year in a row.

one benefit of an outdoor kitchen is it expands the living space

As an entertainment hub, the outdoor living space has been proven to increase the value of a home making for an innovative and lucrative investment. This means there is plenty of opportunity for remodelers, architects and designers to expand the scope of their clients’ outdoor projects from a simple barbeque kitchen island to a fully-functional outdoor kitchen area. Having an outdoor kitchen has many benefits.

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Here’s a look at seven benefits of an outdoor kitchen for your home:

1. Increases the Value of the Home
2. Great for Entertaining
3. Expands the Living Space
4. Makes Cooking Easier
5. Convenience
6. Save on Utility Bills
7. Save Money on Eating Out

Increases the Value of the Home

According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchens sell for nearly 30 percent more than expected. Of the nearly four million homes nationwide that sold between January 2016 and December 2017, these outdoor features, amenities and design styles made the largest impact on sale price.

CNN Money, and Remodeling Magazine support that outdoor kitchens nationally return 100% to 200% of the improvement cost. It is important to note that, with any home improvement, the ROI formula works providing the design and build of a kitchen is proportional to the home value and location.

Great for Entertaining

Outdoor entertainment spaces continue to top the list for both boomers and millennials. According to Rymer Strategies Company, 78% of boomers and 68% of millennials are willing to pay more than $5,000 extra for a great outdoor living space. Boomers are famous for their grill nights, while millennials love their outdoor yard games. And both generations enjoy prepping, cooking and eating their meals at home, alfresco-style, capturing the luxury of open-air dining.

Depending on the design layout such as an island configuration, guests can gather around the kitchen, socialize and watch the chef perform culinary magic.

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In turn, it allows the chef to remain engaged with guests without disrupting the task at hand.

Expands the Living Space

Outdoor kitchen designs often mirror their indoor counterparts, successfully transitioning the indoors to the outdoors and making use of previously unused outdoor space or repurposing it. Many people stop at a grill or barbeque island, but an outdoor kitchen can be expanded to include other cooking appliances such as a pizza oven, flat-top grill and a smoker. Enhancing the outdoor kitchen layout with cabinets that accommodate kitchen appliances, hide trash, provide storage helps centralize culinary activity.

Adding counter space provides a prep area, a bartending center and a place to entertain guests and allow them to hover ‘round and socialize. Tack on a refrigerator, ice machine, mobile beverage cart, and an outdoor sink and it’s a full- on entertainment oasis. An outdoor dishwasher raises the bar on easy clean-ups and endless trips into the house, making the outdoor kitchen fully functional and super-efficient.

Makes Cooking Easier

Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. Maybe, not. An outdoor kitchen allows for more cooks – or helping hands at the very least – to help with preparing food, mixing drinks, grilling and cleaning up. Depending on the layout of the outdoor kitchen, more bodies in an outdoor kitchen aren’t necessarily a bad thing as it can be less crowded than an indoor kitchen. Additionally, by placing a refrigerator, ice machine or wine cooler on the end of a cabinet run, guests are invited to help themselves without disrupting the chef’s work flow.

Cooking foods with strong odors that emanate? No problem. Let them disperse outside rather than within your indoor kitchen, which can permeate the rest of the home. Canning or cooking lobster? Great chance to undertake this task in an outdoor kitchen. A large pressure cooker pot on a burner will need some extra space for the assigned attendant and some extra space when it’s time to remove it. Any spills make for a quick hose down versus a mess on an indoor floor followed by a slip and fall hazard.


As mentioned above, smelly foods can linger in indoor kitchens for days. Cooking errors can create rising smoke that travels throughout the entire house and sets off the detector. Cooking outdoors eliminates these issues resulting in more convenient cooking and a better household environment.

Save on Utility Bills

A hot kitchen in the summer months forces the air conditioning to work harder and can crank up utility bills usage. Give the utilities a rest and head outside!

Save Money on Eating Out

Going out for a meal can be expensive. If you have an outdoor entertaining space with a dining and cooking area, you are less likely to go to a restaurant for a meal, which will save you money.

Additionally, with a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, the prepping, cooking, cleaning, eating the meal, drinking and overall outdoor entertaining is centralized along with having the necessary items available to make it all happen. No need for transporting and setting up making it more of a chore to accommodate a stand- alone grill. Think of it as a permanent, pop-up party.

Finally, the design and layout of an outdoor kitchen comes with an air of creativity only achieved when custom building an indoor kitchen as part of constructing or renovating a home. Whether installing an outdoor kitchen on a deck, patio or roof, there are still less obstacles and considerations to work around as compared to indoors.

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